Friends not foes. How startups and corporations can work together to foster innovation

Contrary to the general belief, startups and corporations are friends, not foes, and there are several ways in which they can collaborate for their mutual benefit, while fostering innovation and the development of the tech ecosystem. On one hand, startups can gain from the experience and network of corporations to scale faster and take their products to the next level. At the other side of the spectrum, corporations also benefit by bringing innovation and the startup dynamics into their structure. And this is one of the reasons strategic partnerships between the two can turn into win-win collaborations.

Olaf Lausen, the Chief of Staff (of the CEO) and Business Development Director of Telekom Romania, will take the stage at How to Web Conference 2015 to share his experience on closing strategic partnerships with startups for the greater benefit. He is a business development manager with 15+ years of experience and he is in charge with New Business Development at Telekom Romania, as well as strategic projects. Olaf is a trusted advisor for startups, helping them find the support they need in the Deutsche Telekom Group, and he kindly accepted our invitation to share his thoughts on the matter and give us a sneak preview of his talk at How to Web.