Blogging from Seedcamp Week

Four years ago, Seedcamp was a brand new name in the minds of European entrepreneurs. A great iniative of a bunch of UK business angels and venture capital funds, Seedcamp put it’s bet on the European entrepreneurs talent for starting and developing great web companies.

Years have passed and now Seedcamp Week reached it’s 4th edition. Bigger than ever, with 29 companies from 16 countries and almost 400 mentors helping them to improve their businesses, Seedcamp seems to stretch it’s limits year after year.

One thing is certain for sure: at Seedcamp Week you feel like a kid in a candy shop. You’ve got in the same room Dave McClure (does he need a presentation ?), Reshma Sohoni from Seedcamp, Iain Dodsworth from TweetDeck, Alex Hoye from Latitude, Fred Destin from Atlas Ventures, Ryan Carson from Carsonified, and so many other great entrepreneurs trying to change the world and also make a buck out of it.

But the quest is not over yet, as years pass by and questions start to arrise: how positive is the impact Seedcamp has on the companies they invest in ? Can Seedcamp do more for the European entrepreneurship ?

Because of the partnership between How to Web and Seedcamp, we’ve got the great opportunity of having a few talks with entrepreneurs and investors about the Seedcamp path, the opportunities of the global web and  how to develop great web apps and businesses. If you’re interested in that, get connected to the How to Web Blog and follow us during the next days. Also, if interested, send us some questions and we’ll try to get the answers for you.