Bucharest Startup Weekend: your chance for some real entrepreneurship action

During last months I’ve meet a lot of web addicts, curious about what web entrepreneurship means. How to Web did a good job on inspiring people about future web trends, web entrepreneurship and business development methods, but if you want to taste some real action here is your chance.

This weekend, at Bucharest Hubb, will take place the first edition of the Bucharest Startup Weekend. The event structure is quite simple. All participants will pitch their web or mobile application business ideas, and the most appreciated will be implemented during a 54 hours workaholic weekend. Ideas will be voted for by all attendees, and each winning pitch will have the chance to form a team, including developers, designers, marketers and business development people.

By participating to a Startup Weekend event, you can actually kill two birds with one stone: while experiencing the development cycle of a almost-real-life project, you can also meet fellow entrepreneurs or potential colleagues in real work conditions. Sure, it’s more easy to meet new people while having a beer, but working aside with your colleagues for two intense days will help you understand whose karma is compatible with yours.

Also, you’ll have the chance to meet some very interesting speakers: Can Ertugrul (i5 Invest), Ciprian Borodescu (Webcrumbz.net) and Dan Feld (Amazon.com), who will help you relax a little bit with one presentation during each day.

Startup Weekend events happen in more than 130 cities and 30 countries all over the world, and this will be the first in (hopefully) many more that will happen in Romania.

You can register here – use the discount code HTWSW for a 25% discount. You can also pay at the door, just make sure you are there at 5.00PM for early registration.

Note: How to Web is a proud media partner of Bucharest Startup Weekend.

Back from the dead: we’ve survived the first How to Web !

When we’ve started working on How to Web, we have never thought it will be such an exhausting, brain-damaging process. But it was. Immediately after How to Web 2010 was finished, every member of the team went into a short hibernation period for a few days. We were all dead tired.

However, a few days passed, everybody got enough sleep, and now we are again alive and kicking ! And that’s good news for sure, because we’ll start adding the presentations of the How to Web key-notes and workshops. During next days, we’ll post on our blog almost all the PPT presentations, and also the video recordings of the most interesting key-notes that took place at How to Web.

Thanks all for your patience, we’re back !

Last minute changes in our schedule

When starting a conference, you can manage a lot of things. However, the only thing that you cannot manage is probably the most important one: the schedule of your speakers.

Having invited more than 20 international guests, it was obvious that the chances of having some late cancelation where somehow quite big. And, unfortunately for us, it did happen, but in a very smooth manner 🙂 There are no cancelations, but rather replacements.

First of all, Hans Peter Brondmo will be replaced by Felix Petersen, Ovi Experience manager, but also serial entrepreneur and angel investor. Unfortunately, Hans Peter had to leave Europe earlier than expected, but I want to thank him for finding on a short notice such great replacements. Felix will have a slightly different topic for his key-note, talking about “Building the Urban Operating System”.

Also, Giles Hawkins will replace Christoper Grew. Beeing colleagues in the same company, Giles has a close and relevant experience for the same matters Chris was invited as a key-note speaker. Moreover, he will have the same subject for his key-note, that is “Getting your ducks in a row: how to ensure your technology business is ready for investment”. Thanks to Christopher also for quickly finding a replacement and also thanks to Giles for taking on the challenge so quickly.

Let’s hope that there will be no late surprises, as tomorrow we’ll finally focus on the Web !

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