The unfair advantage of How to Web’s Startup Spotlight

Every year at How to Web we’ve organized the Startup Challenge competition, encouraging startups to pitch their product and business, get feedback and move forward. This year is no exception, but we’ve transformed the Startup Challenge into the Startup Spotlight program & competition that you all know.

Last year’s Startup Challenge had 10 finalists from 7 countries. We were amazed, but we also realized we can do so much more for the startups. So we’ve involved 12 world-renowned accelerators, exceptional professionals as mentors, active investors and 20.000 USD cash prizes from our partners at IXIA.

But while presenting the program we’ve also been asked another question: why make it available only for CEE startups ? Why only for early stage ones ?

30+ speakers announced, just 4 days for very early bird tickets!

While the front end is continuously changing, thanks to our team mates from X3, our annual conference in November is shaping up quite nicely. This year’s edition is focusing on helping tech companies move from services to innovation and products, but also on analysing the impact tech innovation has in traditional industries. How to Web 2012 seems to be the biggest event we’ve done so far, and we’ve done a few.

We’ve put together a great schedule, with more than 30 top-notch international speakers confirmed until now and more on their way. On 7th and 8th of November you’ll get a glimpse at the future of the web, but you’ll also get a ton of very practical information with case-studies on product management, business development, innovation in technology and specific issues on how to develop tech companies with global reach from Eastern Europe.

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We’ve started How to Web in 2010 with the purpose of helping the local tech people connect with whatever was happening outside Bucharest, Sofia, Belgrade or Budapest. We wanted to have excellent talks and networking opportunities, thus, at the end of the day, great success stories.

Years have passed and we’ve seen a lot of developments going on. We’ve heard that some companies got funded, others went to different accelerators across the world, some future co-founders met each-other and started awesome products. And, if you ask us, these small victories are the ones that kept us pushing further and further, developing How to Web every year.

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