Why this year we’re talking about growing together

I want to share with you a picture of the first edition of the How to Web Conference, back in 2009.


It was a small, 170 people event, organized at the local Computer Science department from the Univesity Politehnica Bucuresti. We’ve gone a long way from there, and here’s what How to Web 2012 looked like:

About the Romanian Startup Awards finalists

As you probably already know, The Next Web is organizing a series of 12 events in Europe, nominating the most important local startups, entrepreneurs and investors. Romania is also on the list, the Bucharest event being co-organized together with Geekcelerator. A few days ago, the list of the final nominees has been published and the individual voting has started. So I thought it would be interesting to write a short analysis of the nominees.

About the nominated startups and co-founders

123ContactForm – founded 5 years ago, 123ContactForm has gone from Cinderella to princess in the last 2 years. After the initial team (Tudor Bastea and Florin Cornianu) was completed by Adrian Gheara, as investor, 123ContactForm changed its interface, improved its monetization and has permanently grown the team up to 10 “cangoroos”.

2012 – the year of hardware

2012 was the year of many spectacular things for the tech world. Famous IPOs (among them, the one of Facebook), the exponential development of web accelerators, the reset of investment funds (small funds & super funds), the accelerated development of big data and many more.

But for me, the year 2012 was very interesting from another point of view: the birth of hardware startups.

A few years ago, hardware development belonged solely to the big companies and R&D centers. Prototyping was expensive, the go-to-market cost was very high, iterations were hard to deliver. The investment funds were extremely cautious in financing hardware companies (mostly because of the high inventory costs), and the development of independent hardware seemed like fantasy.

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