Doug Crockford confirmed speaker at Yahoo! Open Hack Europe in Bucharest

Yahoo! Developer Network is proud to announce the presence of Doug Crockford at Yahoo Open Hack Europe, held in Bucharest on the 14th and 15th of May at Crystal Palace Ballrooms.

Douglas Crockford is a well known American programmer and entrepreneur. He is currently a senior JavaScript architect at Yahoo! and, since he was thoroughly involved in the development of JavaScript language, discovering the JSON Data Interchange Format, he is now an active speaker on JavaScript, JSON, and related web technologies such as Yahoo!’s JavaScript Library YUI. You can read more about Doug’s work here and also learn more about his ideas and knowhow on his Yahoo! lecture series on JavaScript.

Doug will be speaking at the opening Tech Talks before the 24 hours “hacking” session begins. If you want to connect with him before the event check out his Linkedin profile.

Yahoo Open Hack Europe is an event dedicated to tech-savy guys and girls, programming passionates, designers and web architects, held in Bucharest and open for the entire Eastern Europe Hackers Community!  The event is free, provided you register in time! It will take place on the 14th and 15th of may, at Crystal Palace Ballrooms Bucharest.

Make sure you register now, since there is almost one month left to the event and the number of attendees is limited!

Enjoy this video with Doug on JavaScript future for the next 2 years…


Christian Heilmann: An Open Web for All

Christian Heilmann from Yahoo Developer Network was one of the speakers that rocked the stage at How To Web, with a lot of energy and inspirational ideas, closing his presentation in a big round of applause from the audience.

The main idea he shared through his speech was that the web is open for all those willing to use the web to build on it. Having success on the web means to keep in mind 3 key-ideas:
1. A creative idea
2. Have people to build it
3. Getting found by people

Also, he said, keep in mind to use API’s on applications you develop and you might want to also consider YQL.

More of Christian’s ideas you can find in the presentation below.

The 6 final Elevator Pitches for Startup Challenge!

Here are the 6 finalist startups for How To Web – Startup Challenge. 5 of them are from Romania and one from UK. Congratulations all and good luck further!

60 Second Pitch – QRky

QRky have developed a cutting edge mobile-content platform that allows users to digitally link their contact details and multimedia content to their printed medium using Quick Response (QR) / 2D barcode technology. QRky generates personalised QR barcodes that link to relevant, device specific content about each person who has a barcode.

Elevator Pitch – Squeeqly

Squeeqly allows online retailers to easily promote themselves on social networks through existing customers. Reward them for spreading the word about your great products.

Pitch FlairBuilder

FlairBuilder is a wireframing and prototyping tool aimed to help web designers and UX designers better communicate design concepts to their team or clients. It’s a cross-platform application built on Adobe AIR, and it provides that tools to quickly put up wireframes and interactive prototypes for websites, desktop application.

Pitch – Spikepress

SpikePress is a smart hosting service based on a WordPress-aware cloud combining affordable pricing with high quality support. We let online publishers focus on content and their users instead of technicalities.

Pitch – Axiologic

SensERP: Enterprise Software Development Platform for SMBs: - A technology/framework to reduce creation/maintenance costs for enterprise software - A strategy to replace spreadsheets - Flood the market with good quality software for SMBs (open source and commercial)


The project brings together four ISOC Chapters (Romania, Slovenia, U.S. Colorado & Pakistan), two existing , one to be created companies  and  one academic partner (the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie). These organizations work together in order to propose a solution to the problem of identity theft and fraud in the education domain. The project provide a solution to the problem of fake diplomas and academic transcripts by creating a secure technical and organizational framework using state-of-the-art technologies like qualified electronic signatures with time stamping.

Remember that all the participants at Startup Challenge are expected at Bucharest Hubb tomorrow for a private workshop with Jon Bradford and Stewart Townsend.

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