Interview with David Noël, Community Evangelist at SoundCloud

I am very sure you all have heard of SoundCloud. If you have not, please access, you will not regret it for sure.

David Noël is the Community Evangelist of SoundCloud, the leading audio platform that enables anyone, anywhere to create and share their sounds on the web. Since joining SoundCloud in May 2009, David has helped its community grow from 100,000 to more than four million registered users, a number growing exponentially every day. Leading a team of four Community Managers, his responsibilities lie at the intersections where users meet and interact with the product.

SoundCloud has quickly gained a reputation for being one of the best platforms available for audio creators to create, broadcast, track and promote their sounds.

Meet Yahoo! CTO and JavaScript Guru in Bucharest in May

On the 14th and 15 of May, within Yahoo! Open Hack Europe – Bucharest, all attendees will get the chance to  meet, talk and learn from Yahoo! CTO Raymie Stata who will be on hand for the hacking and will speak to attendees about technology and innovation at Yahoo!. As well, JavaScript guru Douglas Crockford will educate and entertain with his unique perspective on the goodness of JavaScript.

Hack events build relationships and create serendipity for entrepreneurs, developers, and everyone involved. Over the years, within Yahoo! open Hack events there have been seen hack prototypes that evolved  into products and apps, partnerships, funded startups, even acquisitions.

And remember that later this year, the winners of Open Hack Europe will have the chance to participate in an Open Hack All Stars event in the U.S. where they will compete with hack winners from around the world.

There are 10 days left for registration! It’s free but with limited space. They are planning a rich agenda of in-depth tech talks and hands-on sessions throughout the two-day event in an environment that’s conducive to writing code and making new connections. Once your registration is confirmed, log on to our to our Open Hack pbwiki to sign up for the special interest tracks, share your project ideas with fellow hackers, and keep up with the latest info.

This year, in Bucharest, Yahoo! Developers Network will offer special enthusiast tracks led by subject matter experts in history, sports, hardware hacking, and more!

How To Web Community Events 2011

How To Web concept’s goal in 2010 was to Connect Eastern Europe Entrepreneurs to the Global Web. This year, we want to push this concept forward: we aim to bring all Eastern European Entrepreneurs together.

That is why, in preparation of the Big Conference of 2011 that we are planning for this autumn, we’ve started another project, in order to bring local communities closer to each other and closer to the How To Web’s main goal. That is why we’ve come up with “How To Web Community Events” – a series of events focused on the local business communities of some of the major entrepreneurial and tech-oriented cities in Romania and abroad.

We will recreate How To Web conference at a smaller scale in Sibiu (4th of June), Cluj (9th of June), Belgrade (16th of June) and Timisoara (22nd of June) with the support of our awesome local partners.

All events have different entrepreneurial focused themes:

HTW Community Event Sibiu will cover the topic of communities and web entrereneurship – Will take place at Golden Tulip Hotel

HTW Community Event Cluj stands for Mobile Apps an Startup Essentials and Innovation – The venue is Club Midi

HTW Community Event Belgrade‘s main focus will be on Entrepreneurial Skills – will be hosted by Grad Cultural Center

HTW Community Event Timisoara is focused more on Business Models and Lean Startup – Will be held at Western University Timisoara

By joining this events you’ll have the chance to meet some of the greatest East European Entrepreneurs along with great representatives of international start-up environment and have awesome networking opportunities.  Not to mention the cool parties after each event.

All the events will be individually represented by our local partners and communicated through Twitter distinct #hashtags especially allocated for each event.

In Timisoara we have the support and engagement of Timisoara Software Business Incubator and it’s team, in Cluj our partner is a wonderful team composed by Oana Calugar, Cristian Dascalu and others, in Sibiu we rely on the ITNT Team and Collaborators and in Belgrade, we partnered with the cool team of SEEICT (South East Europe Information and Communication Technologies).

For HTW Community Events we have the support of our Main Global Partner: FPP (Post-Privatisation Foundation)

We’ll keep everybody up-to-date with the awesome work of our local partners and keep you all posted on speakers confirmations, themes, workshops and news from all around the country and beyond the borders. Feel free of also following us on Twitter for the latest updates.

See you at How To Web Community Events in June 2011!


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