2 years of Status Pimp

Just 2 years ago, on the 13th of May, Status Pimp was borne. If there are still some of you that have no clue what Status Pimp is, then let us explain. Status Pimp is the first, and actually only service which allows brands to promote themselves through Yahoo Messenger. Cool, isn’t it?

Presently, the company numbers over 12.000 users which turned to the services of Status Pimp and found them attractive. They might seem young, but in just 24 months, they raised over 200 campaigns, with over 440.504 click-rates. How much did it cost? Around 22.026 de euro.

And if pictures speak more than words, then let them do the pimpin’ for us! 🙂

Insights on aNEWSme – Great Britain result-driven Start-Up

Guys, I don’t know if we have mentioned this before, but we certainly dig aNEWSme. Well, if we have not mentioned it until now, we are certainly doing so.

And if you’re wandering what aNEWSme does, we are glad to share their mission and views. In short, aNEWSme has built a news personalization engine leveraging algorithmic, semantic and social recommendations. aNEWSme allows news websites to provide targeted news recommendations to their readers and their social network friends using the Facebook or Twitter authentication widgets. Companies using aNEWSme are able to significantly increase site visitor pages views, visitor time spent on site, and advertising revenue.

Free Webinar – Insights into Mobile Marketing

For businesses that visibility on the mobile market, a lessen into Mobile Marketing is vital. This is why, any opportunity to develop ones studies and insight knowledge is wonderful. On 17th of May, all the ones interested can participate in the HubSpot free weminar.

The teachers are Gordon Plutsky, Director of Marketing and Research at King Fish Media and Kipp Bodnar, Inbound Marketing Manager at HubSpot. The webinar proposed deliverables are:

  • Mobile adoption trends among marketers
  • How businesses are measuring mobile success
  • How to better craft your business pitches
  • What trends you should pay attention to

Who Should Attend: Marketing professionals who want to learn about emerging marketing trends! So, don’t be shy and tune in on 17th of May at 2pm ET on Hubspot.

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