Things to pay attention to when working on your application for an accelerator program (and for How to Web Startup Spotlight)


Being part of an accelerator program is a great starting point for any early stage startup founder looking to close deals and get the business to the next level. However, getting into such a program is no easy task to do and your application is a deal maker (or breaker for the record). If you are working on your accelerator application or simply doing those final tweaks on your How to Web Startup Spotlight application (the deadline is September 25th, by the way), then you read on!

Marketing Technologies, Tools and Tactics

The world is overwhelmed by data. So how do you make your data speak out and tell you the right things? MarTech is a hot area and one that startups are struggling to keep up with. In the talk he delivered last November on the main stage of How to Web Conference 2015, Travis Wright, Marketing Technologist, lays the foundations of the “Marketing Technology Stack” and teaches marketers how to look at MarTech what to focus on and how to choose what they need. Interested to find out which marketing technologies, tools and tactics you can use? Then read on!

Startup Spotlight: Woogie

Parenting is quite challenging when it comes to the increasingly fast evolution of technology that fascinates kids of all ages. How can you create a balance between tech and education without letting the latter overcome any other need? Woogie does just that. Wondering what is Woogie? Let’s see how everything started.

Woogie came to life when Bogdan came up with the idea that human and technological interaction should be more natural starting from an early age, especially since parents are so busy today (himself included) that it’s difficult to help their kids with homework. A creative solution came to mind!