Leadership is a popularity contest, but decision making is not

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“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” (Steve Jobs) But how do you keep your people constantly motivated? How do you lead without being arrogant? What is the difference between a good manager and a leader? What are the most important leadership principles entrepreneurs should follow?

From Afghanistan’s rubble to inspirational speaker

Jon White – Former Royal Marine Officer and Leadership Consultant visited Romania a few weeks ago to talk about leadership to a handful of people passionate about building successful teams. The event took place at TechHub Bucharest and it was organised by our friends from Event Heroes. We took this opportunity to ask him how does an entrepreneur present himself in a leadership role and how does he inspire people to follow his lead in the most exhausting, challenging and desperate moments.


8 leadership lessons for early stage entrepreneurs from a Former Royal Marine Officer

Jon grew up amongst the Royal Marines where. According to The White House Future, he graduated and completed several tours as a Troop (30 men) Commander and Company (100) Second-in-Command before specialising as a Mountain Leader. This 9 month course is considered to be the toughest that the British Military has to offer. On successful completion of this course he did a short operational tour in Afghanistan. It was there where he stepped on a Pressure Plate Improvised Explosive Device and lost three limbs.

His journey over the last 5 years has seen physical recovery: the starting of a family, the building of a “Grand Designs” house and the starting of a new career. He now seeks to help Leaders world wide to find the inspiration and confidence to lead with more focus on their people. 

We would like to thank Jon for translating his experience into successful leadership lessons for young entrepreneurs that struggle with growing companies and building teams. Of course, we can all apply these lessons and become better leaders.


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