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In latest years, the use of terms such as business pitch, elevator pitch, investment pitch have raised in popularity. Every tech pro or wannabe entrepreneur uses these phrases during their daily basis interactions, when they get in contact with investors, or when they’re attending events. But what is a business pitch, exactly? What are the best structures to use in your presentations?

In this guide, we will explore in detail how to develop an effective business pitch to attract the interest of investors or potential business partners, what is a pitch deck, and some of the best structures to use. Besides, you will access the knowledge and experience of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in our network that pitched in front of thousands of people and, eventually, secured investment as well.

How we structured this guide for an effective business pitch:

  • Introduction – The difference between a public and private pitch
  • Chapter I – The Pitch Deck
    • what you should insert on every slide of your pitch deck
    • template to use in your future presentations
    • how to tailor your content depending on your audience
  • Chapter II – So you think you can pitch? Fellow community members share lessons learned from previous pitching experiences:
    • Bobby Voicu – Cofounder @ MavenHut & Limited Partner @ SOSV. MavenHut made the “largest transaction in Romanian gaming industry” by selling its most successful Facebook products, Solitaire Arena and Solitaire Arena 3 to RockYou.
    • Madalina Seghete – Cofounder @ Branch Metrics. In January 2016, Branch Metrics has raised a Series B round of $35 mln.
    • Marius Tirca – Cofounder & CTO @ UiPath.
    • Andras Kapy – Cofounder & CEO @ Axosuits. Axosuits plans to launch sales of medical exoskeletons for people with walking disabilities by the middle of 2017.
    • Camil Moldoveanu – Cofounder & CEO @ Reflex – Romanian startup evaluated at $1 million.
    • Oana Korda – Co-founder & Product Manager @ Woogie. Woogie recently graduated StartupBootCamp IoT/Connected Device program.
    • Emi Gal – Founder & CEO @ Brainient. Emi raised around $4 million in total funding and eventually sold the company to Teads.
  • Chapter III – How to control your emotions when standing up and speaking in public
    • Alis Anagnostakis, Executive Coach (PCC), Trainer & Organization Culture Consultant explains what happens to your brain when you’re speaking in public, why does this happen and what you can do before taking a stage in order to be more comfortable and achieve your goals.
  • Chapter IV – Best pitches from Demo Days
  • Chapter V – The dos and don’ts for pitches. Advice from investors. Featuring:

This free business pitch guide is designed to help:

  • early-stage entrepreneurs to pitch their business in front of investors
  • early-stage stage entrepreneurs to pitch their business at public events
  • professionals to present their ideas & projects in front of their team

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