Managing Creative Teams: Lessons from Alexandru Lapusan, CEO Zitec

Are you managing a team of creative people? Is this difficult for you? We discussed the art of managing a creative team with Alexandru Lapusan, the founder of Zitec, a primary local developer of online apps that only recently managed to attract EUR 1.7 million from eMAG to boost its development. 

Watch the 15-minute video interview to find out why leaders must be totally involved in the management process and Alexandru Lapusan’s answers on:

  • what has he learned in 14 years of managing a creative team?
  • how has he changed?
  • how is he dealing with the delegation?
  • why is it so important to teach your employees to sell and argument their ideas?

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Takeaways from 14 years of managing creative teams from Alexandru Lapusan, the CEO of Zitec

  • A creative team is a team that once set free can deliver something.
  • Great HR Strategy along with quality employer branding always help build the best team
  • 80% of Zitec’s employees were referred by the guys and girls in the company – if you have the right people, they are going to recommend you.
  • When you have cash available, it’s easier to recruit because you can target top talent from the very beginning.
  • If you want to have a creative environment, it’s not enough to just say: “Hey, speak your mind, whatever you want!”. You need to be supportive when they do. You need to listen, and you need to take some actions and support their initiatives.
  • Be honest: If you’re not true, that is going to show pretty fast, and you’re going to pay a huge penalty on that.
  • Be genuine with your customers as well and teach your people to do the same. People want that! They don’t want somebody to keep lying to them.
  • Delegate! The moment you realise you achieve more by allowing other people to work on things they are better at than you, just manage them. Do not block that, do not micromanage them, trust them.
  • If you are following the Agile methodology and you have a customer that doesn’t understand: hire an external trainer to explain him the benefits.
  • Make sure everybody in your team gets to talk about non-project, non-customer related things with an internal mentor / Project Manager / team leader.
  • Teach middle management & seniors to grow the team.
  • Creative teams come with some sort of chaos because this is how you create stuff.


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