Mikael Fredholm – From Fitness To Tech Industry | Video interview

Mikael Fredholm

We decided to discover the stories behind the tech entrepreneurs that are building their businesses on foreign lands. We started from Romania with a successful business man that arrived in Bucharest by mistake (yeah, that historical Budapest/Bucharest confusion). Mikael Fredholm, former CEO of World Class Romania is the first expat entrepreneur to share his story with us. Watch the interview and hear some enjoyable sharings on how he made the switch from the fitness industry to the tech industry and what is Monday about, his new business.

Mikael Fredholm

Entrepreneurship is a challenging and long journey for many people. And it gets even more demanding, to say the least when you decide to build a company on a foreign land.

Mikael Fredholm, a passionate rock climber and entrepreneur, is the former CEO of WordClass Romania, now one of the investors on board. He managed to turn WorldClass into the largest company in Romania’s fitness industry,  changing the lifestyle of millions of Romanians. He’s one of the entrepreneurs that believes in values above all else.

Mikael thinks that all the companies need a mission to inspire employees and build something meaningful. He kindly accepted our invitation to share his entrepreneurial experience in Romania, his home country for the past 15 years. In this video interview, you will find out what is next on his journey and:

  • when did he start his career as an entrepreneur
  • why he choose Romania
  • what were the main challenges that he had to overcome
  • what would change at the local entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Let’s Go You – one of his favourite projects
  • Monday – his new business, a mobile application to help people improve their lifestyle through healthy & clean eating and proper training
  • what he thinks about work-life balance
  • future plans and what is his biggest dream


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