John McAfee: While you are watching your phone, your phone is watching you | VIDEO interview

John McAfee

Well, it’s not every day you have the chance to sit down and talk about security, the blockchain, bitcoins and education with John McAfee. A genuinely cyber security legend! Present in Romania to speak at d10e Conference, “the most popular hacking target” (as he states about himself) joined us for a 30-minutes video interview as well. And here’s what it came out! Yeah, we had some qualms of conscience thinking that we could have prepared better questions. In the end, we’ve realised he would have given us the same answers. Don’t you think so?

John McAfee interview: Your phone is the world’s greatest spy device, designed as a spy device

Almost 30 years ago, John McAfee formed McAfee Associates. The company created the first commercial antivirus software acquired by Intel in 2010 for $7.68 billion. He stated that being the developer of the first commercial anti-virus program has made him the most popular hacking target. “Hackers see hacking me as a badge of honor”, he says.  

Today, John McAfee is also the CEO of MGT Capital Investments. He is looking for cyber security technologies to be added to its portfolio while travelling the world and enjoying it each and every moment. But we suggest watching the video below and hear what thoughts he shared with us.

This interview was made with the support of our partners from d10e Conference, leading event on decentralization.

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