Networking | 13 Rules To Build Meaningful Connections


Networking events are organised to meet people. If some of them simply find it hard to open a conversation or get nervous every time they discuss with a stranger, others are natural connectors that start meaningful relations at every event they are joining. And this applies both to our offline and online interactions. If you want to master networking and start influencing people – keep going! Watch the video below in which Colette Ballou, the Founder & President of Ballou PR is presenting 13 rules for effective networking.  

13 Rules for Effective Networking


Rule #1: Respect other people’s time

Rule #2: Have a specific ask

Rule #3: Be upfront and honest

Rule #4: Make it as little work as possible for the person you’re asking

Rule #5: Always try to give something back

Rule #6: Networking online: same rules, more research

Rule #7: Use hashtags & event lists to see who’s gonna be at the event

Rule #8: Have a clear goal in mind

Rule #9: Be careful about challenging people

Rule #10: Don’t meet people just to pick their brain

Rule #11: Give people the option to say No

Rule #12: Don’t offer other people’s time

Rule #13: Make forwardable intros

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