Startup Marketing Tips from Anabela Luca, CEO AdLemonade

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Startups founders sometimes underestimate the importance of marketing in their development and growth strategy. But both PR & marketing are key factors for the overall success of your business. We talked with Anabela Luca, CEO of AdLemonade, to find out which are the most important startup marketing tips that founders should take to increase their performance. Check out the video below for some very useful startup marketing tips.

Key startup marketing tips

Your product doesn’t market itself. It needs dedicated marketing activities.

Although you have developed a great product, you need to market it to reach your target audience. Don’t forget to plan ahead. Decide on the marketing channels you are going to use, your marketing positioning, and your core audience.

Choose your marketing channels according to the needs of your audience

Always consider the marketing channels from a performance perspective. Select those that allow you to get impressive results with little money. Carefully analyse who is your target audience and what are the channels where you can find them to address their needs.

Develop a marketing plan

Consider developing a plan for at least one year ahead. Integrate your marketing activities, PR activities and some of the most important communication channels that you are going to use.

Be consistent!

Most startups try something for 2-3 months, then they quit, they try something else and so on. Marketing is a matter of trial and error, but it’s very important to always know where you’re headed to and to wisely plan your budgets, your channels, as well as how to allocate the human resources.

Marketing research

Here you should analyse three major things:

  • Market penetration potential (what are the market barriers)
  • Costs
  • Competition

Tools for researching

Check out the video above to see how you can use each of these tools and what results to expect.

Tools for promoting

  • Google AdWords – particularly for search
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn ads – a go-to place for B2B startups

Tools for measuring

Marketing metrics to keep an eye on

  • Sources & visits – look closely at where you get traffic from
  • Analise the website – bounce rate, time on site, goals and events that you’re tracking
  • Conversion rate – what’s the ROI of your marketing efforts

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