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The world is overwhelmed by data. So how do you make your data speak out and tell you the right things? MarTech is a hot area and one that startups are struggling to keep up with. In the talk he delivered last November on the main stage of How to Web Conference 2015, Travis Wright, Marketing Technologist, lays the foundations of the “Marketing Technology Stack” and teaches marketers how to look at MarTech what to focus on and how to choose what they need. Interested to find out which marketing technologies, tools and tactics you can use? Then read on!

Travis Wright is a Marketing Technologist, Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Data & Analytics Geek, Tech Journalist, Startup Growth Hacker, and Stand-up Comic. He is the former global digital and social strategist at Symantec for the Norton brand. Over the past 15 years, Wright has helped hundreds of B2B & B2C companies, from well-funded start-ups and SMBs to Fortune 10. He is also a columnist at Inc. Magazine and he kindly accepted our invitation to take the stage last year at How to Web Conference and share his expertise with the tech community. And here’s what we’ve learnt.

Marketing is a wonderful tool that helps you take the customer through the customer journey. Since your goal is to engage your public, not only do you have to attract their attention, but also maintain a live interest on the subject, hence closely monitor your product’s evolution.

marketing-technologies-tools-and-tactics-by-travis-wright-at-how-to-web-conference-4-638Keep your analytics close

With marketing nowadays being consumer centric, you have to be obsessed with understanding how  consumers think, how they like their brands to communicate and tailor your content as much as possible to their preferences in order not to give up your brand equity but get their attention. And keep it.

This is where analytics comes in. Let’s say that you have engaged your customer, but after a week or two, engagement suddenly drops. Monitoring your stats and content helps you determine the cause and find a quick fix that can boost your engagement rate.

The channels

Nowadays we see a shift towards an Omni-channel. People use many devices to connect to the same things. All of them are often linked by a single account and sometimes the data is personalized, tailored to its specific user. There are 5000 marketing channels from which you can choose so it’s important to understand and choose the ones that best suit your audience.

If you are facing a block, for example, you can learn from your competitors. Ghostery is a free tool that allows you to see which technology other brands’ websites are using.

marketing-technologies-tools-and-tactics-by-travis-wright-at-how-to-web-conference-7-638Manage your tags

Tag management is a very important step in your marketing technology. Google for instance, has a free tag management solution. It’s easy to install since all you need to do is simply insert a line of code in your website’s back end. Starbucks is one of the companies using Google tag manager, a tool that helps them keep track of their content.

CRM – Customer Relationship Marketing

With all the options to block advertisements widely available out there, content marketing is an essential tool in the relationship with your customer. You have to constantly engage with your customers, respond fast to their comments and questions and make sure that they don’t feel like one-way communication is happening at all times. No one likes to talk to someone who doesn’t listen, am I right?

Use marketing automation platforms

Marketing automation platforms help you not only manage your content but also reach influencers and find the best ways to reach the people you’re interested in talking to. Here are a couple of platforms that could help you:

  • Listly – Make lists of all the useful content that you find online. Get it and organize it to your liking;
  • Storify – helps you in creating the best live blog stories;
  • Buffer – Buffer allows you to get the best out of each post by posting your pre-scheduled posts at key moments of the day when most of your users are active and have the chance to see it;
  • Nuzzel – Is an easy way to help you see only the relevant news that come up on your twitter feed;
  • Little bird – Now this is an interesting one: it allows you to find influencers in your area;
  • Conspire – don’t know how to best reach out to a person that you want to meet? Conspire tells you the easiest and best way to get in touch with them;
  • Outreach – a tool that helps your sales team communicate and get performance insights;
  • Buzzstream – Link building and digital PR will never be easier;
  • Voilla Norbert – A toll that allows you to find anyone’s e-mail address.

Looking to find out more about marketing technologies that you should include in your stack? Just check out Travis’s talk from How to Web Conference 2015.

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