Your startup or your life? 6 tips on how can you have both from Martin Bjergegaard

Martin Bjergegaard is a serial entrepreneur and an international bestselling author. He is the co-founder of Rainmaking, Startupbootcamp,,, and, most recently, Rainmaking Loft. His bestselling book, “Winning Without Losing”, has been translated into 13 languages and won the prestigious Management Book of the Year award by Chartered Management Institute and The British Library. Martin is also the author of “The Great Idea”, an entrepreneurial fairytale for children.

He calls himself a startup enthusiast and at he took the stage last year at How to Web Conference 2016 to share six specific pieces of advice for how to become more successful and have a better quality of life while at it. We’ve summed them up for you in a short story: read them out here and make sure to apply them in your day to day activities.

  1. Find your co-founders! With increasing competition, with increasing complexity, today it’s almost impossible to build your startup on your own, especially if you want to conquer a new market and create something that’s scalable. Search for your co-founders and always think in terms of finding people who have the same values as you have, but different skills. Remember:  it’s going to be frustrating sometimes because you don’t speak the same language, you don’t always understand each other, but precisely this dynamic is the winning formula.


  1. Make a Today List! Don’t obsess with to do lists. Don’t forget that these are never ending lists, magnificent at generating stress, mainly because often they just become longer and longer. Learn to prioritize tasks, check what’s critical on your to-do list and see what is the key thing that will move your business forward, then focus on that.


  1. Reinvent the meeting! Try meetings while walking around your office or running in the park. It’s multitasking, indeed, but it’s an effective way of multitasking because the brain works better when the body is in motion. It’s a terrible idea to sit down in a chair, in a boring and uninspiring environment, terrible for relationships and creativity.


  1. Tell everybody about your idea! It’s very inefficient to keep your plan for yourself. Luckily, the trend is going towards more transparency, but there’s still a lot of secrecy, and being in stealth mode. It sounds cool, but it’s ridiculous. Often, when you get a splendid idea you might think that the whole world is out there looking to steal it from you, but it’s not the case. People have their life; people would rather work on their ideas. Of course, if you have something that it’s patentable, you shouldn’t put that out open on the Internet, but most of the businesses don’t. 


  1. Follow your energy! We often think that is very professional to do a lot of planning and fill up our calendars, but the truth is that we are not machines! We have energy levels, and we’re sometimes feeling extroverted, we’re sometimes feeling introverted, sometimes our brain is very sharp, and other times it’s quite slow. Learn to optimize the hours you work such that they fit your personal productivity peaks: this way you can be ten times as efficient as when you’re not in the flow.


  1. Make sure to get many attempts! None of us knows what will be successful. Not even the best investors can pick a winner. They need to get many attempts, and we need the same as entrepreneurs. Just try again, and again, and you’ll finally become successful. So make sure to get many attempts because if you spend 20 years working on one startup, you’re surely not doing so. Of course, you also need to be persistent, but don’t be afraid to try different things and see which one works best.


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Did you find this useful? Check out Martin’s presentation at How to Web Conference 2015 and see why it was so natural for him to start his own business at 18, and what made him write “Winning without losing”!

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