MVP Academy 2016: Meet the coaches

We’re one month into MVP Academy accelerator now and it’s an intense experience for both ourselves, the team behind the program, and the 17 promising startups that are part of our batch. We’ve been working together over the past weeks and we got loads of learning and work done. The startups have been attending dedicated workshops, “Ask me anything” & mentoring sessions, and, above all these, they received hands-on support from our trusted coaches during the 1-on-1 weekly meetings.

Most of the startups that are part of MVP Academy Batch of 2016 have already launched their products (or preorders will be available soon), they generate revenues and/or have at least one active client or pilot in place. They are committed to build sound businesses at global scale and their hard work translated into significant progresses being made so far. Hence the need to bring onboard more experienced coaches to offer business consultancy and help our startups shape their strategies and launch their products on the global market.

We are grateful that 4 experienced professionals in the tech industry have joined forces with our team for this edition of MVP Academy Accelerator. It’s time to meet the coaches that are donating their time & energy to share their expertise with our startups

Bogdan Ripa, Product Coach

Bogdan-Ripa-webEntrepreneur at heart, Bogdan has Co-Founded his first startup when he was only 21 years old. He started by doing outsourcing work (consultancy for websites, web apps, ERP systems, analytics tools), but he got bored by doing repetitive things and decided to make a shift and start building his own products. 6 years later, the company he Co-Founded was bought by Adobe Romania, where he worked in engineering and product management, until last year. After a short break, he joined Vector Watch, one of the most promising Romanian startups, as Director of Product. In MVP Academy 2016, Bogdan is the go-to person for product-related support. Besides, he has recently delivered a workshop on product development & metrics (you can check out the key take-aways of the workshop here). 

Mihai Sfrijan, B2C & Mobile Coach

Mihai-SfrijanHaving a wide experience in business development in general and in the gaming industry in particular, Mihai was the Head of King’s local studio, the Swedish game developer famous for developing Candy Crush Saga, one of the most successful Facebook games of all times. Mihai was the man that built the local studio from scratch after working for the company in Sweden. Under his leadership, the Romanian branch of King has developed Bubble Witch Saga, another successful title of the company that took 9 months to develop and test, but only 41 days to make its first million. In MVP Academy, Mihai uses his expertise to support startups working on B2C & mobile products.

Tudor Juravlea, UX & Product Coach

Tudor-JuravleaTudor works on User Experience and Product Management projects. Over the past 10 years, he got familiar with smartphone operating systems and hardware, and then coordinated the successful delivery of 16+ web and mobile apps. He took an important part in innovative projects launched by some of the most important telecom and banking companies in Romania. Always up to date with the newest tech trends, Tudor loves working with creative innovators and startups and he recently launched a new teaching project together with Scoala Informala de IT, where he is a User Experience trainer. He actively works with startups in MVP Academy batch of 2016 to help them improve the user experience for their products.

Bogdan Sandulescu, Technical Coach



Full-stack engineer, Bogdan was the CTO and one of the first employees of UberVu, as well as Director of Engineering after HootSuite’s acquisition back in 2013. He is now working to increase happiness across startup teams through basic psychology. He helps startups in the MVP Academy Batch of 2016 with all the technical related aspects of their products.


We thank them for their support. Together with Bogdan Iordache, our Managing Director, Tudor Stanciu, and Mircea Vadan, they have been actively involved in helping our startups build successful products and sound businesses at global scale. And their efforts translated into the fast-paced progress of the MVP Academy Batch of 2016 – we’ll tell you more about this soon, so stay tuned!

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