Meet the MVP Academy Batch of 2016

Today we proudly present you the MVP Academy Batch of 2016: for the next two months 17 startups with global potential will be accelerated at TechHub Bucharest and will get all the support they need to build successful products and businesses at global scale.

Selecting the best and brightest startups from many quality applicants wasn’t an easy task to accomplish. That’s why our special thanks go to our experienced jury who took the time to carefully evaluate the applications and make sure THE most promising teams make it into the program: Robert Knapp (Co-Founder & CEO, CyberGhost); Cosmin Ochișor (Business Development Manager, hub:raum); Mihai Sfințescu (private equity/venture capital investor); Carmen Sebe (angel investor) and Bogdan Iordache (Managing Director, MVP Academy).

The 17 startups that our now part of our third batch build tech products in agrotech, cleantech, ehealth, consumer hardware, developer tools, marketplaces, mobile apps, electrical vehicles or SaaS software. We are happy to see that the level of applicants has grown consistently over time: almost all the companies selected in our third batch have already launched their products or preorders will be available soon, and more than half of them already generate revenues and/or have at least one active client or pilot in place.

What is particular to the third batch of MVP Academy is the high number of hardware products, as well as some hands-on applications of technology in industries such as agriculture and healthcare, products that have a direct positive impact on the users’ quality of life. We look forward to working with them all!

Meet the MVP Academy batch of 2016

Cutting the story short, here are the amazing tech startups that are now part of MVP Academy Batch of 2016:

  1. 5About: Quiz game that enables users to discover fun facts and share them with friends as slick infographics;
  2. Bunch: Mobile app that helps event organizers deliver a great networking experience to their attendees;
  3. CBN IT: Web automation system that helps silos owners monitor their crops in real time from the comfort of any web browser;
  4. Checkmobi: Affordable & easy to integrate services to verify mobile numbers that combines SMS & VoIP with innovative Missed Call methods under white label SDKs;
  5. /dev/default: Tools to create and deploy chatbots that can deliver information and engage with users;
  6. Energy Solaris: Game-changing solar air technology for heating, ventilation, and cooling, that helps eco-conscious building owners save energy and make indoor air healthier;
  7. Eventya: Mobile platform that empowers local people to spread the word about what is cool and trendy in their city.;
  8. Grobyk: Platform that helps companies create a team knowledge base by engaging teammates and helping them create, explore, and read insights;
  9. Hartapescar: Web and mobile platform where the community of fishermen can promote and share information on new fishing destinations;
  10. InkyDeals: Daily deals website where freelancers and small companies can find amazing digital resources at insane discounts;
  11. Listplorer: Mobile social platform where users can create, share, collaborate, and search for personalized lists of recommendations;
  12. LiveTickets: Platform that helps users deploy their own personalized ticket shops to sell tickets simple and easy;
  13. ReFlex: Movement recognition sensors that change the way patients recover after injuries, enabling more revenues for physiotherapists and helping insurance companies save money;
  14. Scooterson: Intelligent electric kick-scooter that uses a unique combination of cloud & smartphone technology with big data analysis to understand and enhance the rider’s experience, while maximizing energy efficiency and safety;
  15. TinTag: Platform that allows manufacturers to integrate asset tracking technology in their products;
  16. TypingDNA: Typing biometrics cloud API & tools for intelligent apps that allows the user to login based on his typing patterns;
  17. Woogie: Voice enabled hardware device built to be an afterschool assistant and in-room buddy for 6 to 12 years old kids.

What’s next?

Oh well, lots of hard work! The 17 startups joined us on Monday at TechHub Bucharest: it’s here where they’ll get lots of learning and work done over the next 2 months, working under the close guidance of industry experts and experienced tech professionals. We’ve lined up for them:

  • Dedicated activities customized to fit their own development needs;
  • Lots of product and business consultancy;
  • Hands-on workshops;
  • 1 on 1 mentoring with industry leaders, investors & experienced professionals;
  • Pitch practice sessions.

And more… Add this to the fact that some of the best teams in the program have the opportunity to raise a 50.000 EUR seed investment (in exchange for a minority stake in the company) from MVP Angels, the angel investors network associated with the program.

Of course, we’ll wrap everything up at the end of May over Demo Day, where our startups will be taking the stage to pitch their products and progress to a relevant audience. This is a great opportunity for them to start discussions for new financing rounds and / or potential strategic partnerships.

It’s time to get the show started and we look forward to working hands-on with these amazing startups. If you want to check out what’s happening in the program and find some valuable insights, keep an eye on us: we’ll be constantly posting updates on our blog and social media. Meanwhile, we wish the startups in our new batch the best of luck!

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