MVP Academy Alumni: Lessons Learnt

No bullshit, just hard work! This is the tagline of the MVP Academy accelerator and nothing could better reflect the essence of the program. From product to business development, marketing strategy and fundraising, the MVP Academy alumni learnt valuable lessons that they further applied to drive forward their startups.

We’ve talked with some of our alumni to understand which were the most valuable things they’ve learnt during the program and we’ve put together the presentation below. Check it out to see which were some of the key take-aways for startups that were part of our first two batches. If you’d like to take a closer look at some of their stories, as well as their progress after graduating the program, read the “MVP Academy Alumni: tech startups to watch” blog post we recently published!


If you’d like to learn some more valuable lessons, refine your product and bring it to market, join the next batch of MVP Academy accelerator. Applications are open by Thursday, March 31!

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