How to write effective emails: tips & tricks

You might’ve faced the problem of email overload: those days when you’re in front of your computer trying to do some actual work and emails from all sorts of people keep pouring in. And still email is one of the most used forms of communication in the business world today. In this overcrowded landscape, how do you make your emails stand out of the crowd? Cristina Smarandache, Marketing Specialist @, offers some valuable tips on how to write effective emails in this guest post.

What do you expect from your customers when you send them an email? An answer / a reaction, right? Oh well, in order to achieve this goal, you have to write effective emails that people really want to read. Just think about how many emails each and everyone of us receives on a daily basis, and write yours to make sure it stands out.

Despite the fact that you compete with all the other emails in your receiver’s inbox, email communication comes along with some specific advantages. First and foremost, you can personalize it 100%. And don’t forget that people are always connected to their emails: first thing in the morning, 8 hours per day at work, before they go to bed. And this is why sending effective emails can help you reach your potential customers and send your message across faster than any other communication form you may employ.

However, you should not send just another email, but an effective one. That’s why “effective emails” is the keyword of this story. Don’t send an email just to be sent: you will end up ruining the relationship with your prospects / visitors / one time customers / loyal customers. Sending them irrelevant messages will turn you quickly into spam and will “convince” people to unsubscribe.

The email you send has to fight against all the spam in the same “(in)boxing ring” and if it wins the battle, it will bring you higher revenues, loyal customers or even evangelists. And writing the winning email is far from being rocket science. Just bear in mind the tips below – they are our “secret formula” that helps us make our emails stand out.

1. Define you desired outcome

What do you want from the receiver? Think about your goal and translate it using the customer’s language. Do you want them to buy your product, join an event, give you feedback, read your story? Just tell them! Forget about the ambiguous emails that do not specify the outcome from the very beginning!

2. What’s your email about?

People don’t want you to waste their time so skip long introductions and go straight to the point. If they are ok with that, you can be sure they will be interested in reading your entire email.

3. Be a real person

A “We or I” to “You” communication can make things easier for you, because people will feel there’s a human touch right there. Receivers are more open minded if behind your emails is a real person and they pay more attention to your messages, because this kind of communications can be a trust building tip.

Img 4 Open Rates

4. Focus on benefits

List the features, but always keep an eye on the benefits. Always put yourself in your customer’s shoes when you write these benefits and think about what would you do if you were the receiver: would you act? Please make sure that what you write down represents your customer’s benefits, not your thoughts.

5. Formatting matters

Try to structure your emails in a readable form: keep your paragraphs short, use bullet points, insert spaces and highlight keywords, because all these can determine your receivers to keep reading your email. If the information you provide is interesting, but your email is not readable, you have “the chance” to annoy your audience.

6. Specify a call to action

A vague or ambiguous call to action may ruin your entire sales copy. Try to be as specific as you can. Do you want your receiver to buy your product? Well, this is exactly what you have to tell him: “Buy it now”. Do you want him to test your SaaS? Then your call to action should sound like this: “Start your free 15-days trial”.


7. Include a PS

First of all, this can help you with your email’s human touch. Your PS can sustain your offer, add extra details or maybe add a bonus to your initial offer. Keep in mind that there are many people that just scroll till the end of your email and this can be your chance to convince them with only one paragraph.

All these tips are simple to implement and they can bring you more happy subscribers / customers. Don’t forget to test your email, read it once again and double check your links before you hit the Send button. We all make mistakes, and making a habit out of double-checking your email will help you avoid sending incomplete information out there.

Effective emails are key to building a strong relationship with your clients and growing your business. Why not start writing them today? Just use these tips and let us know should you want to share any other piece of advice that you use right now!

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Cristina Smarandache

Marketing Specialist,

Cristina Smarandache is Marketing Specialist of, marketing automation software that helps online businesses to reduce bounce rates, cart abandonment rates, and increase conversions. The company currently has more than 100 satisfied customers in Romania and around the world.

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