10 things you didn’t know about the How to Web Conference 2014 speakers

One of the things that always delights us about the tech entrepreneurs and specialists we invite to speak at How to Web Conference is their wildly diverse backgrounds. Always on the run, building products that attract millions of users and sharing their knowledge generously, some of our speakers even change roles until they get on stage at How to Web. And there are facts in their experience which are downright fascinating. Here are some of them.

1. At this year’s event we’ll have a speaker who has 4 exits in his track record, having sold the startups he built to huge companies. In spite of this, he’s never founded a business with the exit goal in mind.

2. Another one of our guests has spent 10 years at Yahoo as a senior executive in various departments, coordinating sales, business development, ad operations or marketing in high-growth regions or at a global level. He then decided to make a change and become a full time mentor for startups around the world.

3. At How to Web Conference 2014, you’ll also meet one of the shapers of the global game developers’ community, who headed IGDA for almost 9 years. Now he’s taking another approach, working on disrupting the talent pool in the gaming industry and providing a platform for entrepreneurs in this field.

4. What is it like to build a product that provides video streaming services to more than 80 million viewers and broadcasters? One of the How to Web Conference speakers is the product manager behind this success since its earliest stages and he’ll share what he knows with you too.

5. This next speaker managed to build, along with his team, a mobile community and market place of 10 million users from 100 countries. On top of that, he also managed to raise $6 million in funding and he’s not about to stop.

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6. What does it take to build the game based on one of the most beloved TV shows in the world? The producer of Game of Thrones (the game) will share his experience and insights related to the game development production cycle.

7. In a few weeks you’ll also have the chance to meet the founder of a communications and strategy agency that does PR for high-growth tech startups. The team handled the entry of Facebook and Pinterest in France, the entry of Eventbrite into Europe, and coordinated successful campaigns for AOL Networks, Evernote, GoEuro, Lakestar, Infectious Media, Seatwave, TechCrunch Disrupt, TransferWise, WhatsApp, White Star Capital and Zendesk. One can only imagine the wealth of knowledge that she’ll share with all of us at How to Web!

8. One of the key people behind the expansion efforts of one of the most disruptive startups in the world will also join us at the conference. With $1.5 billion in funding and plenty of controversy surrounding the product, we bet you have plenty of questions to ask.

9. At How to Web you also have the chance to connect with a representative from the leading global game industry software Unity! With 3,3 million registered developers, and 45% market share, Unity is known for its constant innovation. Check out what Unity 5 brings along in the Game Development track.

10. Talking about investments, another guest of ours also has quite the achievement under his belt: he has raised the biggest series A financing round in Canadian history, on top of having other two exists in his track record.

Feeling inspired and motivated? If you’re not there yet, then wait until you hear our speakers share their secrets behind these amazing results! Get your Early Bird ticket until November 13 and join us!

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