Very Early Bird tickets for How to Web Conference 2014 now available

Ready to celebrate our 5th international edition with us? Since we’re rebooting and uploading a bigger, bolder How to Web Conference, there are some details we’ve been eager to share with you.

Presenting the How to Web Conference tracks!

What’s better than one stage? Four stages, of course! This year, we’ve structured the conference into 4 distinct tracks, with content tailored to your interests and needs. The main stage will be at the core of the event, with 3 other tracks complementing it with fantastic talks delivered by remarkable speakers. Moreover, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to network with the very best in the tech ecosystem, both during the conference and at the awesome How to Web parties!

mainFuture trends & entrepreneurship (main track)

The main track of the How to Web Conference 2014 brings to the table captivating talks about future trends that will change businesses and industries worldwide, about tech entrepreneurship, getting an investment or building tech products with disruptive potential.

How will the mobile future look like? How hard is hardware? Where are gaming and transportation headed? Join us to get the answer to these questions and more from technology leaders and worldwide known professionals such as Manuel Heilmann (Co-Founder & CEO Coinzone), Ze Pinto Ferreira (Co-Founder & CEO FNV Labs) or Florian Meissner (CEO & Co-Founder EyeEm, Germany). And the list goes on. Check out the speakers’ that confirmed their attendance to How to Web Conference 2014, as well as the track agenda here.

gamingGame development track

We know that the regional game development industry is thriving, so we got together with RGDA (the Romanian Game Developers Association) to reveal the tactics behind the scenes of the greatest hits.

Mathieu Muller (Field Engineer, Unity Technologies), Vlad Micu (Head of Studio, Critical Force Entertainment) and many others will share practical examples and hands-on case studies to help you better understand the underlying mechanics for building successful games. Get the scoop on the speakers and the schedule here.

productProduct track

This year we have an entire track dedicated to learning how to build better, more scalable products. If you’re looking to improve your abilities to manage tech products, to get user input, plan development stages and coordinate flawless execution, then this is for you. Together with Mozaic Works, we’ve put together a collection of talks on best practices and hacks featuring wildly skilled speakers.

Ragnar Saas (Co-Founder & New markets, Pipedrive) and Mark Tolmacs (Product Manager, Ustream) are among the great specialists that are going to take the stage to openly share their expertise and valuable insight into the art of product management. More speakers to be announced soon, but meanwhile you can check out the track agenda here.

mainAngel investment trackAre you an angel investor looking to get into killer deals? Then the angel investment track is dedicated to you. Along with our friends from Angelsbootcamp, we’ve brought together top-notch investors and accelerators in the region to share best practices for investing in tech startups.

Get together with Felix Petersen (Angel investor & Chief Product Officer,, Mike Doherty (Angelsbootcamp), Adrian Gheara (Angel Investor in 123ContactForm, Axosuits), Rune Theill (co-founder, Rockstart), Lyuben Belov (co-founder, Launchub), Simon Jenner (co-founder & CEO, Oxygen) and many others to discuss about the essentials of early-stage startups investments. Find out more here.

Very Early Bird tickets starting at 49 EUR are available NOW

And we have even more good news for you! This year you can buy separate tickets to each of the 4 tracks to make sure you attend the parts of How to Web Conference that best fit your interests and needs. Very Early Bird tickets starting at 49 EUR are available now on the website!


And we’ve got plenty more in store for you, so stay tuned for updates and news!

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