This year’s conference highlights & 48h left to get your Very Early Bird ticket

With over 50 international speakers and 4 distinct tracks featuring almost 40 keynotes, talks & panels, we plan to make How to Web Conference 2014 an experience to remember! But for us it’s really not about the numbers, but about the people behind them, the ones that build amazing products and companies, who bring together incredibly talented people and unite communities around a common goal. They are the real superheroes of our tech era and this November you can meet them in person!

How to Web Conference 2014 – highlights

Since last week we’ve made a massive update to our conference schedule, including more confirmed keynotes, talks and panels and more speakers announced!

In the main track on Future Trends & Entrepreneurship, Nicolas Dessaigne, co-founder & CEO of the Y Combinator backed startup Algolia, a real-time search API that’s experiencing fantastic growth, will be joining us to talk about how “API’s are eating software”. His startup received a new funding round this summer of $1.2 million, bringing its total funding to $2,8 million.


Jason della Rocca, Co-founder and indie evangelist Execution Labs, will share his thoughts on “Fail to Succeed. Fearless Innovation”, and why fostering a tolerance for failure in terms of taking risks and experimenting is crucial to innovation, business models, design principles and more.

Dennis Cox, Chief Product Officer at Ixia, will reveal which lessons learnt from founding various startups has helped him to achieve success, the most notable one being having sold his company, BreakingPoint, to Ixia for $160 million.

We also announced a new panel on “Transportation 2.0” featuring Paul Faguet, International Expansion at Uber, and Mihai Rotaru, CEO at Clever Taxi, in which the future of transportation will be discussed. During the panel, our guest speakers will discuss about the opportunities and challenges of localizing urban transportation services, and about their future potential developments.

product track

In the Product track, Ragnar Sass, Co-Founder and New markets at Pipedrive, will share his stories on “Building a user-centric product: how to involve your customers in the product development process”. Pipedrive has been focusing to build the best product for salespeople from day one, and today has more then 50.000 paying users from 120 different countries.

Mat Clayton, Co-founder and CTO at Mixcloud, and Martyn Davies, Developer Evangelist at Sendgrid (EMEA), have also joined the lineup for Product Track.


We also have plenty of news for the Game Development Track!

Mathieu Muller, Field Engineer at Unity Technologies, is joining us to provide key insights into “Unity 5: Easier, Better, Faster, Stronger”.

Agnieszka Szostak, Owner at PR Outreach, will share essential information for game developers with respect to marketing their games and gaining exposure in the media by doing PR efforts.

Vlad Micu, Head of Studio at Critical Force Entertainment, is also ready to tackle a tricky issue, providing a guide about “The complete game start-up turnaround. Tips and tricks to (re)build your studio for the future, even after millions of downloads & a sustainable income”. His talk is intended to share the insights, learned lessons and best practices of how his startup succeeded through failing endlessly, even with a game that had a huge audience which he and his team sadly never managed to properly monetize.

One more great addition to this track is Dan Olthen, Producer of Game of Thrones at Bigpoint GMBH, whose talk will focus on “Make it happen – the story of a production cycle”, covering the phases of one entire production cycle from having an idea/IP/plan to actually releasing the game.

Excited about the updates? There are more coming soon! But until then, remember that…

Very Early Bird tickets – last 48 hours to get them!

You have less than 2 days left to catch the Very Early Bird offer for tickets to How to Web Conference 2014! You can buy separate tickets for the tracks, starting 59 EUR for the Future Trends & Entrepreneurship track and 49 EUR for the secondary tracks: Product track, Game Development track or Angel Investment track. You also have the opportunity to buy a ticket for the entire conference, which gives you access to all the tracks, on both days of the event, a nice discount included.

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See you in Bucharest this November!

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