Meet the Startup Spotlight 2014 participants!

Today is the day, everyone, the day we announce the 32 participants to this year’s Startup Spotlight competition and orientation program!

The expert jury has finished evaluating the applications we’ve receive and now we’re ready to announce the name of the teams who will be joining us between November 19 & 22 in Bucharest, for a full 4 days of mentoring, pitching and meeting with potential investors, accelerators, and potential partners and advisers.

What’s fantastic about the applications we received is the level of maturity that these startups display. Teams from all over the CEE applied for a chance to reach their goals within the program, and they know exactly what they want. They come well prepared, with products already gaining traction and some even having undergone acceleration programs. Another inspiring fact is the sheer diversity of the products that were pitched to the jury, which goes to show that innovation can emerge in any field at any given moment, as unlikely as it may seem.

And now it’s time to congratulate the Startup Spotlight 2014 participants!


  • 3Deva (Romania)
    3Deva is a hardware adapter that converts your mobile device into a fully fledged VR and video hub.
  • Attensee (Poland)
    Online eye-tracking insights for website conversion optimization
  • Avandor Consumer Profiling (Romania)
    Open Consumer Data Platform available as SaaS to the entire ecosystem (sites, advertisers, agencies, ecommerce).
  • Axosuits (Romania)
    Affordable and easy to use exoskeletons.
  • Bethall (Greece)
    Bethall connects sports betting fans in a social sports predictions marketplace enabling them to find & publish predictions & match previews
  • Bitrise (Hungary)
    Automate your iOS development in the cloud from building through testing to deployment. Just work on your code and Bitrise will do the rest.
  • Blushr (Romania)
    Blushr connects 13 to 17 year olds with other teens only if they like each other.
  • CloudPress (Romania)
    CloudPress is a hosted platform for designers to create responsive WordPress sites visually and publish with one click when they’re done.
  • DailyOne (Hungary)
    DailyOne is a crowd funding app for non profits.
  • Devicehub (Romania)
    A web platform that not only gathers data but makes sense of the data spewed out by billions of connected device and helps you make smarter decisions.
  • Ecoisme (Ukraine/Poland)
    EcoisMe is a B2B2C service that helps people to monitor their energy consumption and helps utility providers to reduce power peaks.
  • Ekipa (Serbia)
    Connecting three friends with other three friends to meet in local venues.
  • fastrrr (Hungary)
    fastrrr is a unique equipment for dinghy sailors to measure their exact speed over water (SOW). With our solution they will be able to detect the smallest differences in speed caused by a trimming session or changes in weather conditions.
  • fittter (Romania)
    fittter is a health and fitness mobile and web app that connects frequent business travelers with handpicked health coaches to provide them the tools to incorporate healthy habits on the road.
  • Geostep (Montenegro)
    Geostep connects real life clues through geo-location and QR codes. We enable businesses to create interactive treasure hunt quests to get people to discover attractions, landmarks and hidden beauties in the most unpredictable way, through gamification.
  • Latio Inc (Ukraine)
    Latio is a pre-fabricated, yet infinitely customizable software development kit (SDK) with universal application across any and all hardware beacons, enabling developers & companies to harness the potential of iBeacon technology without getting caught up in the details.
  • Lifebox (Romania)
    A two-tap private photo sharing app that reminds you to share at the right time & adds the right friends & the right photos to the album.
  • Marketizator (Romania)
    The 3 in 1 Conversion Rate Optimization Platform.
  • Oblico (Romania)
    Location based mobile app that uses your LinkedIn info to help you connect to the right professionals at events and conferences.
  • Pocketo (Romania)
    Platform as a service and a hardware development kit to build wearables and make them communicate.
  • PPrintee (Romania)
    Print on the go and on every paper format with PPrintee, the mini-robot pocket printer.
  • Project Wipe (Romania)
    Helps blind people in orientation and obstacle avoidance.
  • Shipros (Romania)
    Shipros brings together clients who need to ship goods with transporters in search for business. We activate on terrestrial shipments market.
  • StudyMentors (Bulgaria)
    StudyMentors helps young people to make a better informed choice of study program and university abroad.
  • Style Jukebox (Romania)
    Style Jukebox is the easiest way to instantly access your entire music collection and enjoy high fidelity sound quality, on all your devices.
  • Susurrus (Greece)
    Susurrus helps brands 1) find the appropriate blogs that can promote their products through their content (blogposts) and 2) measure the effectiveness of this sponsored activity through data analytics.
  • Traderion (Romania)
    The game based recruitment service for finance industry.
  • TravelStarter (Slovenia)
    TravelStarter offers an alternative way of traveling. By supporting local tourism entrepreneurs at their next destination, you can get free travel rewards, such as free accommodation in the hostel you helped open. Select your destination to start.
  • ViewFlux (Romania)
    ViewFlux is an online collaboration platform for designers which helps them improve their workflow. Through ViewFlux they can gather visual feedback, create hi-fidelity prototypes, add design revisions and store their source files – all in one place.
  • Vintage (Moldova/Romania)
    Vintage is the airbnb for art.
  • VisionBot (Romania)
    VisionBot can be described as a manufacture line for turning prototypes into industrial products that are in medium-quantity.
  • Wr1st (Bulgaria)
    A bracelet for cashless payments, access control and user recognition.

Looking forward to connect all these amazing teams with the fantastic investors and mentors in the program, as well as having them with us for the action-packed program of Startup Spotlight 2014! See you soon!

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