Teodor Ceausu, IXIA: “Tech startups – instrumental to the development of the local IT industry”

What does it take to build and develop a strong tech ecosystem in a transitioning economy, such is the case quite frequently in the CEE? Who are the key people that can help speed up the process? Why should you get involved?

We tried to get some versed answers to these questions from one of the people who’s been at the heart of this story since the very beginning of our young ecosystem: Teodor Ceausu, IXIA Country Manager. Teodor’s experience as an entrepreneur and as a tech leader talks about the role of innovation for our community, the impact the individuals can have, but also about the importance of startups for fostering growth in this sector.

Without further ado, here are Teodor’s thoughts on leadership, tech startups and what more can be done to pick up the pace regarding growth and evolution in the local and regional startup scene.

Do you think that startup ecosystems need leaders? Who would be those for Romania?
Yes, absolutely, leaders are needed. They can be the models for the entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey. I think we have a few of these in Romania, the ones that already had success in their endeavors. Some of them are well known while others are just becoming visible.

Startup Spotlight 2012 winner, Incrediblue
Startup Spotlight 2012 winner, Incrediblue

What are the catalysts in Romania’s tech startup ecosystem that help advance its development?
The entrepreneurs community is already present and active. I would say that very helpful can be the ones that can coach others.

What can tech entrepreneurs do to help the community grow further?
They can share their stories. More important than success stories, they may want to share their failures. An experienced tech entrepreneur may want to invest efforts in helping a team use its potential.
Also, the young entrepreneurs need somebody to listen to them more than anything else. They have tons of ideas and somebody with more experience can give them feedback and help them to have a clearer vision.

How would you like to see the ecosystem grow in the next years?
I would like to see more local initiatives participating in How to Web Startup spotlight. There is enough potential for this.

Startup Spotlight 2013 winner, Smart Hand
Startup Spotlight 2013 winner, Smart Hand

Why do you support other tech entrepreneurs and how would you like to see others do the same?
Because such a support is more than necessary. I believe it is our duty to get involved and see entrepreneurship expanding. The local IT industry’s future depends on this quite a lot.
I think more local companies are getting involved in such activities and this is very encouraging for us to continue to help. It means we are doing the right thing.

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This will be IXIA‘s 3rd year of supporting the Startup Spotlight competition and orientation program by offering prizes up to $20.000 to 4 promising teams in the region. But, more importantly than the financial support, IXIA’s involvement also means mentoring young teams and startup founders, and helping them find their way.

If you want to be one of these teams, and you’re thinking about applying, then this blogpost might help.

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