Why you MUST attend MVP Academy

If you’re an early-stage startup in the CEE and still pondering whether or not you will benefit from MVP Academy, here’s some extra info on what we’ve planned for you and why, to help you decide.

Why is this right for YOU:

We’ve created MVP Academy with you in mind. We know you’re struggling to reach the sweet product-market fit spot, trying to figure out who your best clients are, how to reach them, how to best serve their needs and, you know, how to make a living out of it. This is why you will:

– have access to hands-on workshops covering all relevant aspects for your product and business
– meet with local mentors who’ve walked the walk starting from the same spot you’re on now
– talk to international mentors who can give you feedback and advice from a broader perspective
– talk to relevant potential further investors and partners
– be part of the TechHub Bucharest community which will give you the right environment to develop your startup and debate your daily struggles with like-minded people
– get constant support from the MVP Academy team, tailoring your program experience to your needs.

But, I don’t have time!

We know. That’s why we’ve designed the program to allow you to focus on execution: most group activities in the program will happen in the morning, giving you the rest of the day (and night?!) to work on your product, talk to customers and do everything else you need to do to become successful.

So let’s recap:

With everything said in mind, check out our confirmed mentors list so far (remember, we’ll be constantly reaching out to other people according to your needs), take a look over our increasing list of accelerators and funds that have already expressed their support for our program – and thus, you – and make sure you fill out that application until Saturday, May 17th, EOD.

One more thing: We want you to succeed as bad as you do (or almost 🙂 ). But in the end, it’s your project – you’re the one who makes it or breaks it. We’ll just be standing at the desk next to you, ready to help if you holler. And when you holler, be sure that we’ll give our best to act on it!

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