Startup Spotlight profile: Kiteops (RO)

Making tech products easy to use is one of the crucial factors that have led to them being deeply embedded into everything we do. Things that we would’ve never imagined to be possible 20 years ago are now being commonly used, which leads to an unbelievable array of opportunities for both technical and non-technical people.

For example, with my background in PR, I never actually got a chance to learn to code, but I can easily learn how to use different interfaces and build apps or other things I might need. Less and less time is being invested by everyday users in handling back end processes, like setting up servers, because of great teams helping to simplify these procedures. One of these teams is Kiteops, whose product is genuinely exciting. You just have to get to know them better:

1. What is your startup’s product all about and what is the higher goal you’re trying to tackle?

is all about solving problems. We are making things easy for startups and small businesses to host their application without having to think about servers, devops, configurations and deployment strategies.

Our higher goal is to make a very technical functionality available through a light and simple interface that can be used by DEVs without the real need for them to have DevOps experience. Also we believe that automation should be simple, fast and painless. And there is no reason for all this to look good also. 🙂

2. Tell us your startup’s story in a few highlights.

It all started with our need to have this tool. Alecs was working at that time for a UK startup and he needed a nice tool to configure, deploy and scale the servers. He quickly found that there wasn’t a complete tool, simple and efficient. We learned all the hardships a team has to deal with when having no DevOps specialist around from the jumping back and forth trying to find the best server provider to trying to understand how to work with the multiple server interfaces and not the least the headache of trying to estimate the monthly invoice amounts.

We then learned that others were having the same issue and that the solutions to this need are incomplete or less efficient, changing one hurdle for another. Thus we created Kiteops – from the idea of making things light and fun like a kite.

3. Who is your team and why are you the best match to work on this product?

Alecs Popa – Senior Web Engineer, specialised in backend and front-end work,
Irina Marinescu – Strong skills in: Business Development, PM, Digital Marketing,
Silviu Runceanu – 10 years experience in Visual UX/UI Design,
Marius Sebastian Trif – DevOps, all around back-end stuff and always with an eye on the latest trends in tech.

Together we have 30 year experience in web, working on numerous projects for small, medium and huge companies. We think we are a very good match as a team and we complement each other very well and each has the skills needed in each phase of this project.

4. What startups in/originating from the CEE do you look up to and which regional specialists would you like to have as mentors?

I think Mavenhut is the team to watch very closely.

And we also appreciate a lot what Skobbler built. We think that they are a very good example of what you can achieve with the right team, the right vision and a very healthy commitment to creating the very best product you can make.

We are very lucky to have real professionals as mentors: Philipp Kandal, Andrei Ostacie, Radu Ticiu and each and every one that took the time to listen to us and give us an opinion and a personal perspective on what we are trying to build. We are very lucky in this aspect and we are grateful for this and we think it is our duty to prove them they did good by taking the time to talk to us and help us.

5. What are your favourite learning resources dedicated to startups?,, and following on Twitter numerous entrepreneurs & tech editors.

6. How has participating in Startup Spotlight impacted your startup’s trajectory?

It was an amazing experience and we knew even before getting there that it would be a milestone for our project. And it was. We met and talked to a lot of awesome professionals and learned a lot. We learned about the different perspectives one can have on the same project, we learned about things that we wouldn’t have had access otherwise and we created connections that we value a lot today.

7. Do you believe that simplifying the interface to manage technical resources (such as servers) can transform your product into a widely adopted solution? What do you believe the future hold in this respect?

Yes, definitely simplifying the interface for managing technical resources will make them more easy to use and it will get them to become more widely adopted. We think more and more startups will opt for managing their own servers in the near future and Kiteops is trying to help them accomplish that. Less is more and that is something valid for tech interfaces too. We believe that the most technical thing in the world doesn’t actually have to look like that and the beauty and success of a technical product lies in its usage simplicity.

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