Why this year we’re talking about growing together

I want to share with you a picture of the first edition of the How to Web Conference, back in 2009.


It was a small, 170 people event, organized at the local Computer Science department from the Univesity Politehnica Bucuresti. We’ve gone a long way from there, and here’s what How to Web 2012 looked like:


In 2009 the whole region had created just five startups that went to accelerator programs (two of them being uberVU and Brainient). There were no accelerators in the region, no investment funds available and just a little bit of experience in building tech products.

In 2013, the whole landscape looks totally different. More than 100 teams from the region have went to accelerator programs. R&D centers are openend almost every month now, migrating huge numbers of developers from the outsourcing area to the product and innovation area. New accelerator programs pop up every year, providing great investment opportunities and connections to Western Europe and US, the number of active business angels is growing every year. Dear all, we’ve come a long way together.

While looking back, we also look forward. How will this landscape change in the next 5 years? How can we create long-term vision companies? What are the challenges the regional entrepreneurs and developers will be facing? What are the technologies and trends that will influence the development of the local companies? What are the new methodologies and principles in developing products in mobile, big data, SaaS, gaming that we need to know for competing with the rest of the tech world?

In 2013, at How to Web, we’re taking a glimpse into this future from many perspectives, from the business and entrepreneurial side to the technical, product and design side. On top of everything, we’ll be joined by tens of accelerators and investors, ready to help our amazing 32 finalist startups during Startup Spotlight.

All in all, it will be awesome. Join us!

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