Startup Spotlight 2013 finalists!

We bet you’re as curios as we are to find out who are the 32 finalists of this year’s Startup Spotlight competition! But we’re sure that our excitement is no match for the enthusiasm of these teams, who have an incredible few days ahead of them in just a few weeks.

We’re delighted to see that we received a lot more applications this year than 2012, from all over the CEE! Moreover, the improvements in terms of applications were not only on a quantitative level, but also on a qualitative scale. The applications were better, more thorough and the startups themselves are better prepared to be in a competition and get the most out of it.

So, with no further ado, here are the 2013 Startup Spotlight finalists!

Update: 1 team canceled attendance, so we have a new finalist: (Romania) – follow them on F6S! helps people stay in touch and improve the relationship with the most important people in their life, the favorites from their phone’s agenda.

AirPlusPlus (Romania) – follow them on F6S!
AirPlusPlus monitors the air in your room and alerts when needed.

Appticles (Romania / UK) – follow them on F6S!
Mobile content distribution and monetization platform for small & medium publishers completely based around the concept of Open Web and HTML5.

Blogvio (Romania) – follow them on F6S!
Add beautiful widgets to your website.

Colosseo (Romania) – follow them on F6S!
Help Android users show off their gaming skills helping others learn the secrets of the games. (Poland) – follow them on F6S!
Comperio delivers relevant data in the form of graphs. With all features it is an unique decision engine, which allows you to save a bunch of time.

Daisy Pi (Romania) – follow them on F6S!
Raspberry Pi powered home monitoring solution. Affordable, open source, hacker friendly, accessible through API, IFTTT ready. Taylor made.

DataMaid (Bulgaria) – follow them on F6S!
An exciting tool for creating and publishing rich media content on the go. For millions of blogs and all major platforms.

Doitfor (Romania) – follow them on F6S!
Doitfor is the website that will help people live smarter by outsourcing their everyday tasks.

Eventyard (Bulgaria) – follow them on F6S!
Eventyard meets indie artists and their events with people who will love them.

GameMatch (Romania) – follow them on F6S!
A free mobile platform that matches players with the right games and developers with their target audience. The first discovery service designed to place game quality and accurate user taste in front of everything else.

GloriaFood (Romania) – follow them on F6S!
Free Online Ordering System For Restaurants (First worldwide with FREEMIUM business model).

Haute – Fashion Color Advice (Romania) – follow them on F6S!
Real time fashion advice directly from experts.

Kiteops (Romania) – follow them on F6S!
Kiteops is an app that helps you manage your servers and apps/websites hosted on different cloud providers.

KOLOS (Bulgaria) – follow them on F6S!
“KOLOS” is the world’s first tabletop steering wheel that cradles the iPad and uses the tablet’s built-in sensors for more comfortable and realistic experience with mobile games.

Minutizer (Romania) – follow them on F6S!
Minutizer is the payment system for online live interactions.
Pay-per-minute plugin for Skype video/audio calls. (and next for Yahoo! IM, AOL, ooVoo)

Monitor Backlinks (Romania) – follow them on F6S!
We are helping online businesses getting better rankings in Google by helping marketers in those company know where they get new links from, understand their SEO value and monitoring the competition.

Omnipaste (Romania) – follow them on F6S!
Omnipaste is a set of tools that enables transfer of information between applications and hardware on different devices. We let developers to build interconnected device apps using an API, an errors tracking service and a marketplace.

Pneumo Project (Greece) – follow them on F6S!
Pneumo project is a spirometer connected to your smartphone enabling smart health choices and instant access to medical consulting.

RenderStreet (Romania) – follow them on F6S!
The next generation render farm for 3D projects: intuitive to use, affordable pricing, great customer support.

Smart Hand (Bulgaria) – follow them on F6S!
We are engineering advanced mioelectric prosthetic hand for disabled people with no analogue and have already developed a working prototype.

Snapper.VU (Romania) – follow them on F6S!
The only photography shooting app that brings new clients while photographers are sleeping.

SOPRESO (Hungary) – follow them on F6S!
SOPRESO empowers your audience to interact and with your presentation and keeps the community formed around your topic alive online!

Sportwavez (Hungary) – follow them on F6S!
Sportwavez is LinkedIn for sport team players: we are a sports team management site helping users to discover a completely new experience while organizing their sportlife creating players’ profile and history.

Spot the Number (Romania) – follow them on F6S!
Parudi builds unique social games that everyone enjoys.

Squirrly (Romania / UK) – follow them on F6S!
Squirrly is the Only Content Marketing Tool Allowing You To Optimize Content And Measure Its Success. For Both Humans and Search Engines.

StatAce (Bulgaria) – follow them on F6S!
A SaaS for statistical analysis that offers collaboration, scalability, a market for algorithm, ease of use, and a flexible subscription model

Synetiq (Hungary) – follow them on F6S!
We provide businesses with valuable emotional insights about their marketing material directly from their customers’ brain.

TruckTrack (Serbia) – follow them on F6S!
We help the under-served trucking SMEs (90% of all trucking companies) leverage technology in order to get them more savings & bigger profits.

Turbo Translations (Poland) – follow them on F6S!
We do super fast, easy-to-order professional translations online. Our translators are available 24/7 to save you lots of time and worries!

Wallet Buzz (Romania) – follow them on F6S!
Wallet Buzz reckons and proves that “smart is mobile”, bringing the future of mobile apps and smartphone usage today. Promoting your products has never been easier, 24/7.

Wyliodrin (Romania) – follow them on F6S!
Easy web based development for your embedded devices.

Zzzzapp (Bulgaria) – follow them on F6S!
Zzzzapp is a Wi-Fi software content delivery platform that allows businesses and brands to target, engage and monetize on-site captive customers.

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