Interview with Jon Bradford (Techstars), future How to Web speaker & Startup Spotlight mentor

What’s greater than free access to mentoring, pitching and cash prizes of 20k USD? Competing with people at the same level as yourself ( projects coming from CEE, with no more financing than 100k EUR and less than 2 years old) and getting access to one of the greatest accelerator networks in the world!

Since this year’s expansion of Techstars in Europe, we hoped that Jon Bradford‘s schedule for November would be on our side. And we’re very happy to say that yes, it is happening: the 32 Startup Spotlight finalists will be in touch with Techstars’ London Managing Director.

Jon will be a mentor for Startup Spotlight and will also take part in a panel on How to Web‘s Ignite Stage. Jon is one guy that needs no introduction in the startup world, but in case you’ve just landed from the Moon, Jon is the guy who brought TechStars to Europe after he merged his Springboard accelerator to the global TechStars network. He had previously launched Europe’s first bootcamp accelerator in 2009 (The Difference Engine) and helped start more than 12 accelerators from Montreal to Moscow.

We asked Jon a few questions, taking advantage of all his experience with the European and global startup ecosystem:

1. What type of initiatives taken by the UK government regarding Techstars in London do you believe would benefit other countries and other accelerators?
Some of the initiatives that I’ve seen work very well in the UK are related to providing an environment that can support and enable growth for startups. Tax breaks on Angel investment, access to Entrepreneur Visas and a listening ear are very important actions that can actively contribute to the consolidation of the startup culture.

2. What resources are more abundant in Europe than in the US in terms of startups culture?
One of the most important factors that fuel startups in Europe is the fact that there is less competition for smart engineers.

3. In your experience, which business areas are more prone to support the emergence of lucrative startups in Europe?
From my experience, this is valid for any type of business: those areas which allow for the emergence and development of innovative and original ideas are prone to generating the most startups that have a chance to really make it.

So there you have it, one more reason to hurry up and apply for Startup Spotlight. Deadline is October 20th and that’s sohoooon!

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