Interview with Bobby Voicu – ex Startup Spotlight winner & future speaker at How to Web

Meet Bobby Voicu, Founder & CEO of Mavenhut, one of the people who has been part of the How to Web story since the very beginning and whose trajectory became intertwined with ours.

In 2012 we wrote about his startup, Mavehut, as one of our success stories, because Bobby and his initial team went to Startup Bootcamp after meeting accelerator co-founder at How to Web 2011.

Last year, at How to Web 2012, we were very happy to share Bobby’s enthusiasm for the investment he had gained (500.000 EUR for Mavenhut) and The Best Pitch in the show he had won at Startup Spotlight!

This year, Bobby will be taking the stage at How to Web together with his co-founder and will share his experience with all of us, related to building their social games startup.

We thought you might want to get to know him better, so here’s a short interview with Bobby, about gaming, being a founder and learning from other entrepreneurs:

1. What are the main skills it takes to build an engaging game for social media nowadays?
Looking back to the last two years, the most important skill we had was understanding the metrics and acting on the lessons from them. Of course, understanding what metrics to follow and what to A/B test is another skill you should have (or, at least, cultivate).

2. As a founder, how can you force yourself to take a step back and objectively analyze the evolution of your own startup?
I don’t think you can really be objective at any point, as long as it’s your startup. As a consequence, a good board of advisors or mentors is a great solution to help opening your eyes.

3. Which category of entrepreneurs have you learnt the most from during your stay at Startup Bootcamp Dublin?
I learned the most from those that went through similar things with us: gaming entrepreneurs, co-founders of businesses. Of course, you learn a lot from those that succeeded, but some of the best lessons of what not to do were from people that failed. I would say, then, that you learn from all the entrepreneurs that you talk to. What I find that most people don’t do is actually talk to other entrepreneurs 🙂

You can also check out Bobby’s blog, on which he’s made a promise to himself to write daily, which he’s managed to keep for the past 2 months!

Stay tuned for more short, but useful interviews with our speakers and Startup Spotlight mentors from this year’s event!

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