How to Web Startup Spotlight 2012 finalists


Here they are: the How to Web Startup Spotlight finalists!

Congrats to everyone, keep in touch and see you in Bucharest!



Achoo – Estonia

Professional networking for consultants, freelancers and doers. Share achievements and lessons learned to grow your reputation, get a crisp and always up-to-date professional profile.

Anctu – Croatia
We are opening a new channel of distribution for social apps, a new market, a new chance. Shortening the way to reach customers for developers that build social apps, taking 30% of their sale. Think social media companies, think promotion.

BeSuperhero – Romania
For every good deed you make, money will go to charity.

BugTopia – Romania
Imagine Diablo 1 in the browser. Zero plugins. Real-time. built with HTML5, and having social tools. Using a browser, users may play and create levels.

CallReScheduler – Romania
CallReScheduler helps sales professionals increase efficiency of their prospecting for customers by using smartphones and gives their sales managers analytics about it.

Loyalster  – Serbia
Customer-engaging marketing platform that helps fashion brands provide a truly personalized customer shopping experience.

Gameleon – Romania
The platform to create and publish multiplatform games and monetize content.

Good Momming! – Romania / UK
Good Momming! gives personalized baby feeding and growth recommendations to new parents. And we do it completely specific, mobile and in real time.

Green Horse Games – – Romania
CarsCup is the living world of racing teams where you can prove which car brand has the best drivers.

incrediblue – Greece
incrediblue is a marketplace connecting boat owners & crew with travelers, globally! Some call us an airbnb for boats.

JotPot – Romania / UK
JotPot is a platform for students that takes the traditional paper notebook and backpack to a whole new level by putting them online.

KeenSkim – Romania / Bulgaria
KeenSkim helps people save time by reading less (& learn more). Get automatic summaries of web articles & news. Fast & easy!

Mavenhut Ltd. – Solitaire Arena – Romania / Ireland
MavenHut transforms classic casual games into social multiplayer experiences, on mobile and on the web. 1st game already has 75,000 users.

Mediatoolkit – Croatia
Mediatoolkit is a must have content finder for media companies that can analyze any website in the world and provide real time statistics.

Mixgar – Hungary
Mixgar is s social jukebox – it streams music to venues, like: bars, restaurants, festivals. Guests can check out using their mobiles which song is being played and can vote their favourites up on the playlist. Mixgar reads their favourites from facebook and based on votes and music interest the songs most liked on that location will be played. So Mixgar is interactive, social and democratic!

MoodUp Dental – Poland
Edu mobile app for developing good healthy habits in children. We connect the app with their dentists & Amazon. All dental stuff in one app!

Monitor Backlinks – Romania
Monitor Backlinks is a link checking service that helps SEO developers and agencies discover and automatically check their backlinks statuses. – Romania / Netherlands is an online platform for small and medium businesses that helps them hire top talents through referrals from their employees.

Punish me for slacking – Bulgaria
The app that makes you get s#@ff done with the help of your mastermind. So long slackers, welcome doers! Punish season is ON!

Render Street – Romania
Render Street is an easy to use, affordable render farm for 3D animations with low fixed costs.

Seedbit – Romania
Seedbit disrupts the sponsorship market by helping event organizers to find the best sponsors for their event, online, fast and easy.

Sellbox – Poland
Sellbox changes your Dropbox into simple yet powerful ecommerce platform.

Simbound – Romania
Learn e-marketing by doing e-marketing in a risk-free environment.

Squirrly – Romania
Squirrly is the game that gets your products and skills noticed online on over-drive.

snipdocs – Romania / Germany
snipdocs’ productivity solution covers the complete process of research and content curation saving users time and stress.

The Pricing Agent – Romania
Most companies guess the prices for their products or set them without any scientific reasoning. This leads to financial losses and non-optimal revenue. In order to solve this situation, the PricingAgent helps companies find their most profitable price level for their products based on the prices of their competitors, market demand and big-data elements.

Treeach – Romania
Building the biggest community of language teachers in a sustainable business model that allows us to grow fast while bringing social impact.

TribeGarden – Romania
TribeGarden enables collaborative lifestyle for co-workers, neighbors and students, offering tools for buying and time sharing management.

Useful at Night – Bulgaria
Real time social guide for nightlife spotting the heat in town and people you are likely to meet.

Vibetrace – Romania
Vibetrace is an e-commerce personalization system, on website and emails, similar to Amazon’s, delivered as a service.

These are the 30 teams who got selected following the online applications. 2 more teams will join following the competition organized by IXIA together with the University Politehnica of Bucharest.

Update: And the teams coming from the IXIA Contest are:

Eventriffic – Romania
Eventriffic is the best tool dedicated to Event Organizers to easily manage, monitor and analyze Social Media for their Events.

Job Attest – Romania
Send your CV to all the companies that are searching a candidate for a job only by pushing one button: BID! You only have to apply to a general job title, and the companies that have that position free, will definitely know about it! It has never been simpler than that.


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