Why apply for Startup Spotlight?

While there are a lot programs and competitions for startups, How to Web Startup Spotlight was specifically designed to fit the needs of the Central and Eastern European early-stage startups.

So are you an early-stage CEE startup? Here’s a list of reasons for which you definitely should try to make it to Bucharest this fall:

1. Get access to relevant knowledge

We’ve prepared a full day of hands-on workshops on pitching, product management, agile developlemt and business development. We’ll be sending info on all the 32 finalist teams to the mentors, thus the workshop content will be fitted to your specific needs.

During the conference days, you’ll get to meet great specialists for mentoring sessions on product, business and technology. We’ll be providing the list of mentors and a few relevant details on their experience, and you’ll choose the people that are best likely to offer relevant feedback and advice.

2. Pitch your product/business

You’ll be pitching your product/business in front of the How to Web conference audience. Thus you’ll be putting your product out there for potential investors, potential customers, and media people who can spread the word about you. If you are one of the best 8, you’ll be pitching on the main conference stage, during the keynote session. This means the whole conference audience will be at your feet, so come prepared!

3. Meet the right accelerators and investors

You also get a full day of one-to-one meetings with accelerator representatives and investors. You choose the people you want to meet and get chosen by those you’ve intreagued. Make important connections for the future, get valuable feedback and advice once more and who knows, maybe even talk real business!

4. Get the cash

A super specialist jury will follow your pitches and analyze your business. If you’ve got what it takes, you’ll go home with one, or maybe more, of the prizes: winner gets $10k, runner-up gets $5k, the best pitch in show gets $2k and one team gets the special innovation award of $5k offered by IXIA. Plus, you’ll be getting vouchers and other gifts from our partners.

5. Get the media’s attention

How to Web has a lot of tech media coverage. Our last year’s competition was covered by TechCrunch, The Next Web, Netokracija and other important regional publications. Getting media means good PR, means others will find out about you, and we very well know, lots of good – both expected and unexpected – things can come from this!

So what are you waiting for? You’ve got until October 13th to apply!

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