The unfair advantage of How to Web’s Startup Spotlight

Every year at How to Web we’ve organized the Startup Challenge competition, encouraging startups to pitch their product and business, get feedback and move forward. This year is no exception, but we’ve transformed the Startup Challenge into the Startup Spotlight program & competition that you all know.

Last year’s Startup Challenge had 10 finalists from 7 countries. We were amazed, but we also realized we can do so much more for the startups. So we’ve involved 12 world-renowned accelerators, exceptional professionals as mentors, active investors and 20.000 USD cash prizes from our partners at IXIA.

But while presenting the program we’ve also been asked another question: why make it available only for CEE startups ? Why only for early stage ones ?

The answer is pretty simple.

If you look at the opportunities CEE entrepreneurs have to present and develop their business, you’ll see that they can go to a large number of events in Western Europe or USA that target startups who have up to 1M or 2M in funding.

Is that level of funding common for CEE startups ? Definitely not. Can they compete at the same level as the ones that got funded at that level ? Definitely not. Do they have the same level of exposure and support to get to that level as the ones in Western Europe and USA ? Again, definitely not.

This is why we designed Startup Spotlight to be the unfair advantage the CEE early stage startups have. Through Startup Spotlight we want to leverage their chances of success by having a regional, powerful program and competition for early stage startups, pushing them forward on their way to the international scene.

If you’re a tech startup in CEE, you should use your unfair advantage.

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