Share the love: Success stories from How to Web!

We’ve started How to Web in 2010 with the purpose of helping the local tech people connect with whatever was happening outside Bucharest, Sofia, Belgrade or Budapest. We wanted to have excellent talks and networking opportunities, thus, at the end of the day, great success stories.

Years have passed and we’ve seen a lot of developments going on. We’ve heard that some companies got funded, others went to different accelerators across the world, some future co-founders met each-other and started awesome products. And, if you ask us, these small victories are the ones that kept us pushing further and further, developing How to Web every year.

We want to tell the world all about this, so we’re kindly asking you to share your success stories with rest of the How to Web community. Describe your positive outcomes from any of the How to Web conferences on your blogs, Facebook notes or whatever communication channels you use. Do it in whatever language you usually use, and let us know about it.

We will choose the most relevant ones, translate them into English if necessary, and share them with the whole How to Web community. We will publish your stories on our blog as guest posts and make sure everyone hears about you!

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