HTW Success stories: 123ContactForm met their perfect angel investor at How to Web 2010

The first to answer our call to Share the love: How to Web success stories, were the guys at 123contactform. So first of all, we’d like to thank them very much for their time and support. Read on for the story of how they got valuable feedback from some of the speakers of How to Web 2010 and how they met their angel investor at one of the parties. Also, be sure to check out the article on their blog and see for yourselves the marvelous product they’re developing. So here’s how the story goes:

123ContactForm was founded as we were searching for a more efficient way of building contact forms for our various web projects. Realizing how much time a form builder could save, we started developing one. 123ContactForm was launched in 2008. It was gaining traction, but quite at a slow pace. We lacked business expertise and had to learn everything the hard way.

123contactform co-founders – Tudor Bastea and Florin Cornianu, together with Adrian Gheara, their angel investor

In 2010, at Radu Ticiu‘s (one of our mentors) suggestion, we attended the How to Web conference. To our delight, many participants had interesting stories of their own and most of the speakers helped us make better sense of the web world. We gave a presentation of our business idea and received valuable feedback from John Bradford and Stewart Townsend. It became obvious to us that 123ContactForm could progress into so much more than it was at the time.

It was also at How to Web where we met our angel investor – Adrian Gheara. Our paths had crossed before, but this was the perfect environment to discuss the perspectives of 123ContactForm. By the end of 2010, our partnership with Adrian was sealed. The financial investment was only part of the support we received. We got business and technical know-how that took 123ContactForm to a whole new level.

Two years later, 123ContactForm is the sixth form builder on the worldwide market. Thanks, How to Web, and see you in November!

Guest Post

Florin Cornianu

123contactform co-founder and CEO

Florin Cornianu is the CEO of 123ContactForm. He launched the project together with Tudor Bastea (CTO) in 2008, when they both left their jobs at multinational companies. Today, 123ContactForm is one of the most successful form buildersin the world.

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