Moving on

Guys and girls, it’s time for How to Web to move on.

We’ve launched the first How to Web Conference in 2009 and the first international edition in 2010. It’s been rough, difficult, rewarding. We’ve managed to create a fantastic event that this year will reach its third international edition.

But it’s not doing the event, no matter how great it is, that we’re really proud of. What we’re really proud of is you, the tech fanatics that make How to Web a fantastic place.

We’ve started How to Web believing that the geeks of the East are great and that what they need to succeed is a link to the international tech stage: knowledge, inspiration and connections. And we were right.

During last two years we’ve seen tens of first time entrepreneurs launching new startups, we’ve seen companies building local products focusing their energy on international development, service-focused companies starting to develop their own products. Some were inspired or helped by How to Web, some did it on their own, following the innovation movement that is rapidly changing the SEE tech scene. And it’s been great for us to be a part of this dynamic.

It is now time for How to Web to move on.

During the last 8 months we’ve put a lot of energy and time in redefining our mission and vision and in creating new exciting products that will be launched during the next moths. We want to create a bigger impact and value for our tech community and for the regional tech ecosystems. We will be more pragmatic, more connected, more focused, more useful. We will be more “How to Web” than ever.

See you on the other side.

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