Meet Axemblr, the Romanian startup developing applications for big data

Not long ago, I first heard of Axemblr, two Romanian guys working on applications for big data. Now their site is up and running, their first product is in beta gathering feedback from the users and soon to be officially launched, and they’re already working on an MVP for a second product. I’m not very familiar with big data and its challenges, so I chose to let one of the guys explain things better. Read on for more details about what Axemblr does and how it helps big data owners straight from Andrei Savu, founder of Axemblr, currently developing the product together with Ioan Eugen Stan.

How to Web:  Tell me a few details about Axemblr Tool for Cloudera CDH3.
Andrei Savu: This is our first product at Axemblr and it’s designed to be able to deploy an Apache Hadoop cluster based on Cloudera CDH3 in just a few minutes on cloud infrastructure. We are in private beta now and the only supported platform is Amazon EC2.

Over the next couple of weeks we are planning to add support for Rackspace Cloud, OpenStack and CloudStack and also write a fair amount of blog posts showing how you can use the toolkit to get as much value as possible from your data.

If you are wondering why it makes sense to use the Cloudera distribution on Amazon EC2 see this question on Quora.

HTW: What is your customer’s profile?
AS: The typical company we are working with is already using some sort of distributed filesystem or cloud storage, either public or private, for log files and application data and needs a time and cost effective solution for processing, exploratory data analysis, data mining and machine learning.

HTW: So if I was curious about trying your product, how would I get it?
AS: Just send an email at [email protected] explaining how are you using Hadoop and we will get back to you in a few minutes with download links and a license key. We appreciate feedback and we can help on the way as much as needed.

HTW: You’re also working on an MVP for Axemblr Service. What will it do? I’ve heard you say at some point that it will be an alternative to Amazon EMR, so what will its differentiators be?
AS: Axemblr Service will be an alternative to Amazon EMR targeted at public and private clouds, fully compatible from an API perspective. We want to differentiate by providing a catalog of ready to use MapReduce jobs for common scenarios like log processing, file conversion, image and video processing, metadata extraction, clustering etc.

HTW: Axemblr has two founders. Can you tell me more about you? Who are you, what have you been doing until now? Are you currently dedicated to Axemblr full time?
AS: We are both software engineers and we share a passion for software development and open source as PMC members at the Apache Software Foundation. We are also co-organising the Bucharest JUG (Java User Group).

A few months ago we’ve decided to join forces and work full-time at Axemblr because we can deliver so much more together. At Axemblr we are bootstrapping and that’s why we need to split our time between doing consulting work and product development.

HTW: Can you give me some estimated dates about the next steps of the two products?
AS: We are planning to have a public in release in July. The tool is ready for use but we want to collect as much feedback from beta testing as possible to resolve any unknown issues.

A beta version for the Axemblr Service should be ready for deployment over the next 2 – 3 months.

HTW: And a bit about the finances. How is Axemblr financed? Have you received an investment? Do you plan to look for one?
AS: We are bootstrapping now by doing consulting work. We are looking for an angel investor that has a good understanding of cloud computing, ideally an investor with strong connections in Silicon Valley.

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