How to Web 2011 to an end

Starting a new week without How to Web in the near future is, well, weird.

We’ve had two great conference days and two great nights of party. We’ve started each conference day with a couple of great keynotes delivered by Doug Richard, Pablos Holman, Carlos Espinal and Mark Randall. We went on through each conference day with talks, panels and workshops on the most interesting subjects regarding the web and creating a business on the web. We will soon be back with recordings of the most important moments of How to Web 2011.

We’ve had a great Startup Challenge competition, with participants from 7 Central and Eastern European countries. The jury designated EasyLing, a Hungarian crowdsourced translating service, as the competition winner. Read more about our Startup Challenge competition on TechCrunch Europe or The Next Web. 🙂

We’ve had two great parties, after each conference day, the first one with live music and a great DJ set by Vladimir Oane, founder of uber successful Romanian startup, uberVU, and on the second night we got to be crazy and let all our energy out during a great karaoke session. There were quite a few rockers in the house. If you’ve missed Mikko‘s White wedding… well, next time, don’t! 🙂

If you’ve missed the event, you can check out the photos from the two conference days on our Facebook page – day 1 and day 2, or follow the articles written by our official bloggers. And of course, if you have attended, feel free to tag yourselves and your friends in the photos. 🙂

It’s been a lot of work setting How to Web 2011 up, it’s also been a lot of fun, and it’s really rewarding to see the feedback we’re receiving from everyone who attended. Thank you all for your kind words, and we’ll leave you with this thought… How to Web 2012 will be even greater!

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