After Sibiu HTW Community Event 2011

As you already know, the How To Web team has spent the weekend in Sibiu, hosting the first HTW Community Event. The event gathered over 100 participants who attended 6 keynote speeches and 2 panels regarding entrepreneurship, innovation and technology and one awesome party at The Vintage Pub Sibiu.

From cloud computing to entrepreneurial myths

Vlad Stan talked about the investors-entrepreneurs relationship and the ingredients of a successful start-up. Konstantin Hristov, co-founder and CEO of the Favit Network, made it clear to the audience that having a product doesn’t necessarily mean having a business. Dragos Manac‘s presentation had a very catchy title – “How to use cloud computing to rock your business, get rich and improve your sex life!”. If you’re wondering what the connection between cloud computing and sex was, it all started from an article Dragos found in The Guardian about rich people having a better sex life. And as cloud computing can improve your business and make you rich, you get how he got to this conclusion.

The first panel entitled “Entrepreneurial myths: DO’s and DON’T’s” was moderated by Bogdan Iordache and focused on the common mistakes that entrepreneurs are doing and ways to overcome them. Peter Barta, Ana Maria Andronic, Dragos Manac and Vlad Stan debated some of the most common entrepreneurial myths. Just to name a few “only young entrepreneurs succeed”, “successful entrepreneurs are born”, etc.

Matthew Harris, the Senior Product Manager of Poken, focused on mobile businesses and the relationship between your business and its customers. Matthew reminded entrepreneurs that knowing their market is the most important step and building a strong relationship with your customers is a prerequisite in order to be successful.

The next presentation focused on delivering content in social media. Alexandru Negrea explained that being active in social media is not equal to using the “Like” and “ReTweet” buttons. In order to be successful in social media, you have to create unique and useful content, customised for your target audience. Stefan Szakal gave us his view on design as a means of communication and a support for the key message of the brand or campaign.

The second and last panel of the event was focused on creativity and innovation and was moderated by Stefan Szakal who talked to Maximilian Marele, Cristi Rus and Rares Budac about creativity, the creative process and design failures.

The event continued with an awesome party which some of us will still be talking about for the next few days.

Next stop – Cluj HTW Community Event 2011

The How To Web team wants to thank the organisers – Lucian Todea (ITNT), Cosmina Sipos, Constantin Tovisi and Mircea Soaica  for the great job they did with the event.

If you haven’t had the chance to participate in the Sibiu Community, we are now heading to the western part of Romania to meet local entrepreneurs in Cluj. Looking forward to seeing you there on Thursday, the 9th of June 2011 at Cluj HTW Community Event 2011, which will focus on mobile apps and startup essentials. See you there!

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