Startup Challenge: Private workshop with Jon Bradford and Stewart Townsend

If you are still looking for an extra excellent reason to register at Startup Challenge, at How to Web 2010, here’s one of the best: a very special private workshop offered by our partners UKTI / Global Entrepreneur Program!

How to Web will conduct a half-day session (10:00 to 14:00) where you get to present your start up to Jon Bradford (Founder of the Difference Engine) and Stewart Townsend aka “The man in the shirt” (Former Manager of Sun Startups Essentials) who will supply the tough love and tell it like it is.

Each team registered in Startup Challenge competition will have the opportunity to present it’s business and get direct feedback and advice from Jon and Stewart regarding their product, market and overall strategy. The workshop will take place at Bucharest Hubb, 21 Stelea Spatarul, Bucharest.

Don’t waste this awesome opportunity! Register your start-up now!

We thank our partners UKTI and wish the best of luck to all participants at Startup Challenge!

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