First How To Web Party – 3rd of November

Since we know not only How to Web but also How to Party, we planned 2 days of awesome parties for our guests and attendees!

The first day of the event will be continued with the Adobe Chill Out and Party which is organized with the support of our partner – Adobe.

Guess Who‘s going to be our guest…

…together with East Roots

…they will entertain us until late at night!

The party will take place in Kulturhaus starting 21.00

23:00 – East Roots
00:00 – How To Web Moment
01:00 – Guess Who

Make sure you have your How To Web Ticket with you at the entrance.

The second conference day – 4th of November – will end with another party where we’re going to Rock the Web! But… we want to surprise you so we’re keeping the secret a little bit more 🙂 We do enjoy teasing…

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