Codility – smart Polish start-up

Codility is the programming skills automated assessment solution from Poland that saved recruiters time and money by filtering underqualified job candidates. The 3 start-up founders won the 2009 Seedcamp Week and received 50 000 € for developing their solution.

Codility is dedicated to helping companies hire better technical talent by providing automatic assessment tests that can test programmers in a very effective way. Codility’s target audience are software development companies and corporations with high IT demand (telecom, finance). By using codility recruiters will save a lot of time and money that they were previously spending for recruiting software developers. One of the great advantages of the Codility tests is the fact that they provide on-the-job technical skills assessment and are not only a proof of the theoretical abilities of the developer. Another great advantage of Codility is the fact that it can be used by non-tech recruiters, thus saving the time that CTOs and Senior Developers in corporations spend assessing and recruiting new colleagues.

The founders of Codility are Grzegorz Jakacki (CEO & CTO), Tomasz Walen (Principal Developer) and Tomasz Blaszczyk (Technical Advisor). Codility was founded in Warsaw in 2009 and was one of the Seedcamp Week 2009 6 winning teams. After winning the start-up competition the company Codility Limited was founded in London, UK and received 50 000 € seed funding from Seedcamp.

The idea for Codility has originally come to the founder  Grzegorz Jakacki during the time he spent working as a Senior Software Engineer in Beijing, China at During that time he spent long hours recruiting programmers, testing their technical abilities and running tiring interviews. Greg then decided that the process needed improvement and worked on developing an automated evaluation method. The automated evaluation method he then came up with had saved around 4000 hours of his time in 2 and a half years. That’s how the idea for Codility came up and, of course, Exoweb became Codility’s first customer generating more than 1200 evaluations per month.

Codility is also recognised as one of the smartest UK’s small businesses in 2010 being announced as one the Smarta100 2010 edition winners.

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