Brainient – Romania’s video management startup

Seems like Romanian startups have taken over Seedcamp. First it was uberVU in 2008 elected as one of the 6 winners of Seedcamp Week. The next year, in 2009, it was Brainient-, the Romanian video management start-up, who was one of the 6 Seedcamp winners. We are already looking forward to seeing what Romanian entrepreneurs have prepared for this year’s Seedcamp competition.

Make more money with your video content

As far as Brainient is concerned, it offers video management and enhancement tools which allow video providers to monetize their content. Through Brainient’s open-source video management platform, Veevid, publishers can easily upload and manage their content. With Brainient’s optimization application, LayeredBrain, publishers have access to affiliate marketing, in-video advertising, user interactivity, and video analytics.

The entrepreneur behind Brainient is Emi Gal – Romanian entrepreneur, blogger and internet consultant who is, according to his blog, “trying to change the world”. Besides Brainient, Emi is also actively involved with various other technology & internet startups and he is also a speaker and lecturer at various entrepreneurship and internet events.

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