AdTaily – fast growing self-service advertising platform from Poland

AdTaily is a self-service advertising platform which has managed to build a network of more than 16 000 publishers and 3000 advertisers in a bit more than a year. AdTaily provides publishers with an easy way of selling advertising space directly to their readers, many of which would like to sponsor a website and reach its audience if only the process were less difficult.

The success of AdTaily is obvious as the website has reached in less than a year a number of 1 billion impressions a month in both Polish and English version together. AdTaily was selected as a finalist of London Seedcamp Week 2008 and was launched may 2009. The founders of AdTaily are Marcin Ekiert and Jakub Krzych, while Marcin Grodzicki is the current Business Development Manager of AdTaily.

The mechanism that AdTaily provides is a very simple one. It develops a self-service widget that lets online publishers sell ads directly on their websites and have full control over the price of the ads. AdTaily is targeted mainly at bloggers, forums, online communities, local businesses and services and iPhone of Facebook applications as it proves to be a very convenient advertising solution for them. The surprise is that AdTaily charges no commission for the purchases made directly through the widget as one would expect. How do they get their revenue then? Well, from it’s AdStore and direct sales to corporate customers.

The usability is one of the main advantages of AdTaily. The sales widget enables readers to buy ads in less than 3 clicks. What’s more is that readers don’t even have to upload the banner if they don’t want to. The alternative of generating a custom banner based on any entered text is also available. The company currently sells 30 000 ad units every month and is currently used by Canon, Ford and Nestle.

n June 2009 AdTaily received $314 000 in seed funding from the publishing group AGORA. As far as the future plans of the company are concerned, AdTaily is focused on becoming an ad-network in itself.

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