NetBeans – bringing together 800 000 developers

NetBeans, the open-source Java IDE, was started in Prague in 1996 under the guidance of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University. It was later on bought by Sun Microsystems for  $10 million and gradually turned into the successful open-source integrated development environment and community.

From Xelfi to NetBeans

NetBeans was originally called Xelfi and it started as a student project in the Czech Republic in 1996. Xelfi was the first Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment) written in Java and it was released in 1997. The serial entrepreneur Roman Stanek discovered Xelfi while he was looking for a good idea to invest in.

In 1999, Sun Microsystems was searching for better Java development tools, became interested in buying NetBeans and bought NetBeans from Stanek for $10 million to Sun.

In June 2000, NetBeans became the current open-source IDE Today NetBeans IDE is an open-soruce project providing support for several languages (PHP, JavaFX, C/C++, JavaScript, etc.) and frameworks, with over 18 million downloads of the NetBeans IDE to date and a community of over 800 000 participating developers.

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